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WTS Dirt / Sand 60c

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Hello, you can order small amounts or big amounts.

You can send me a forum pm, or reach me ingame! Daryan and Psmaster

Pickup at my deed or delivered to coastal deeds.


Price check: Dirt/ Sand without crates included 60c

Dirt/Sand with Large crates included 1,1s

LC Large Crate i calculate 10c per crate, 3 crates hold 900dirt, 1 Crate holds 300dirt

If you want Dirt to dumped into the sea or to be moved into existing BsB, you only buy the dirt, not the Crates


Prices negotiable



Dirt, Sand    -60c

Iron ql20     -50c/1k

Iron ql40       -50c/1k

Rockshards, Marble, Sandstone, Slateshards      40c/1k



Entchanted Tools with CoC, WoA       +-   80c-1.5s

Entchanted Weapons with CoC, Frost, Fire, Rotting Touch   +-  1-2s

Entchanted Weapons with Lifetransfer (limited)      +-     2-3s




Entchanted Horseshoes power 50-80 or blank      +- 1s

Entchanted saddles or blank (limited)       +-2s



rare silver lump     10c

rare flower        10c

rare rockshards     10c

supreme rockshards    10c



Masks - Ravenger and Enlightened    1s

Strawbasket     1s

Valentine pottery  50c






100-200 Large Crates 5-7c per crate, only creation QL and every woodtype possible

rare shovel with WoA CoC + speed rune


rare knarr + speed rune     thanks

rare pick with WoA, CoC +speed rune    thanks



Silver coins (inside EU and paypal, please?)  (1s=1e, any offers lower than that preffered!)

Sleeppowders (sometimes, limited, please state your price, only interested below the "normal" 1s/1sp)




*Items mailed include 1c fee from the mail service

*Prices negotiable

*Pick up and Delivery

*Contact me ingame on Daryan

*can't guarantee all screenshot info stay the same, might improve QL and cast, some might get sold

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bump - still dirt available for more orders

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