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New Deliverance Tunnel - Shark Lake

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On the 19 May 2018 a tunnel of considerable undertaking was started, which was eventually completed on the 26 November 2018.   It was a long and grueling 6 months, for the persons involved in the project to connect the ocean in the east at Serendipity Bridge to Shake Lake. The tunnel comprises a single walkway and double boat tiles enabling all forms of boats to access Shark Lake as well as an additional entrance / exit to the steppe area. 


Our thanks goes out to the following persons for their assistance in the construction process and the removal / mining out of the 57 veins that were encountered.


Angelklaine (for the removal of the last few veins)


Epryss / Helmbow


Led (planning of west bridge)
Odynn (for the use of Valfreyja)

Yaga for prospecting the pesky veins


(hope i have not forgotten anyone)



Stats for those interested :


Main tunnel is 505 tiles in length


Material Used
2000+ tiles excavated- reinforced and cladded / paved
2k+ slabs
4k+ logs
6k+ shafts
4k+ ribbons
10k+ mortar
10k+ sandstone/slate bricks




East Entrance / Exit



Tunnel Interior



Tunnel Interior - Steppe Entrance / Exit



West Entrance / Exit


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I was running through it and the end result looks very nice!
Great work all

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my part was only very small.  But for those that did the bulk of the work.  it looks fantastic. better than I could have imagined

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