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WTA A Juicy Auction! grapes maple berries - beverages grind!

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Seven lots of beverage related produce


Lot A - Maple sap - 22 full small 45-litre barrels 63-64ql - start bid 5s

Lot B - 300 blue grapes 50ql + 400 green grapes 60ql - start bid: 2s

Lot C - 10,950+ Lingonberries 99ql + 6700+ Lingonberries 98ql - start bid 8s

Lot D - 8,900+ Raspberries 99ql + 4300+ Raspberries 98ql - start bid 6s

Lot E -  10,750+ Blueberries 99ql + 3100+ Blueberries 98ql - start bid: 6s

Lot F - 7,600+ Strawberries 99ql + 1900+ Strawberries 98ql: start bid: 4s

Lot G - 1,200+ Olives 53ql: start bid: 1s


Set the juice loose!


Please state which lots(s) you are bidding on when placing your bids.


Winners agree to pickup from Southport U18 Deliverance, or that lot will be offered to the next bidder :) 


Please keep auction comments for bids only -

Feel free to pm me with any questions!  :) 


Buyout: PM with offers.

No Sniper Protection

Start Bid: See Lots above.  <-----------------L@@K!

Increment: Whatever!

No reserve.





Edited by Muse
Added Lot G - Olives

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