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Hell hound inside building

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A hell hound got into a locked building and killed someone.


As the single storey building is fairly near some very high cliffs, it is possible that the hound came through the roof.


The roof is a combination of normal sloped roof tiles and one tile of flat wooden flooring.  There are no openings, stairs or ladders.


Hell hounds seem to travel at greater speed than some mobs, so depending upon the implementation, it is possible that they travel further when travelling / running per second and get inside the building before any collision checks.


Just a heads up. 


I would like to know if I should replace the one tile of flat floor with sloped roof, or if that would make no difference to such a fast moving mob.

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Muse, we have an where buildings next to very steep slopes  are visited by some creatures.  By your description, it does sound like the lack of roof on that one spot may have made the hound's entry an easy task.


To be safe, I'd put a normal roof there and see if that prevents further intrusions.

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