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village plan and deed planner not showing my fences

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so the fences in my lower half of my deed dont show up on the village planner and in deed planner when i exported it dont have the fences either.


this is proof that there are fences there



this is the village planner



this is farther north form that spot where you can see the fences end at




this is in deed planner where is stops with the fences 




not sure how to fix this. please help im afraid to build anything else south cuz it wont show up on the village planner and deed planner. And i use deed planner alot too.


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I see where the problem is - there is one limitation of showing village plan function, it can only export what you can see in the game. It's very rarely a problem, but if distance between token and deed border is very long this can lead to fences and buildings not being exported.


Current solution to export the whole deed is to open the village plan, go towards the physical center of deed with it still open and then click the "export" button. This should correctly export the whole deed to the DeedPlanner.

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