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Wurm Unlimited for a Single Player Experience

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I am looking to setup Wurm Unlimited for a single player experience.  (not looking for an argument on why servers are better). I don't need technical help of how to setup server or install server and client mods. I have played both a little solo and on a server before, i just need long breaks that don't workout so well with a persistent community server.


I want to know which mods would improve the gameplay for a completely solo experience, but I don't have much experience with Wurm. I want to remove some of the grind and the clicking. I am mostly interesting in terraforming some virgin land into a long term building project. maybe add some mods to give me things to do outside of building.


Here is a list I made just from going through the mod list with very basic descriptions. any feedback would be great. Things like X mod is only useful in multiplayer or x and y will not work together. Or mods I may have missed. Thanks for any feedback


Creatures age mod
crop mod
Action Timers Fix
Better Digging
Better Farming
move to center (still has move to corner)
no build limit not really designed for normal gameplay
Highway Portals
location command
fire burn time
double bulk capactiy
boat mod
bounty mod

Creatures Mod (miss this one on my first look at the mod list)


improved compass
custom actions
max toolbelt
time lock
skill gain tracker
better tooltips
cave vision


no damage not really designed for normal gameplay
non-combat pets mod (minipets)
dragon mounts
kingdom items
bounty on burn
treasure hunting (by Ulvirla or Sindusk)
**mark and recall - quick travel mod
DUSKombat - Full combat system rewrite (requires SinduskLibrary)

**Survival mod

**More Potables - Plant 'anything" in a pot like herbs and spices


**suggested for single player


Edited: added some notes to the list from the replies.


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I think you have everything you need pretty much covered. I'm not sure there are any mods that help with the single player experience? (I could be wrong) Not really the way Wurm is intended to be played in my opinion, but as you said no arguments against that. Everyone has there own playstyle.


If I was going to play solo I'd honestly mostly play close to vanilla. The only thing I'd change is action timers and exp. You need high experience gain as you cannot rely on others to supply you with gear.

I'd also suggest if you was going to add the bounty mod to tweak it to be in your favour a bit but not too much. It'll be your main source of income and if you have deed costs on it'll be a nice little thing to help. Personally if I was playing SP I would keep the deed cost on as you need some constant goal.


This is also a very nice mod I'd love to have if I was playing SP -

Also, if the survival mod is still being developed that'd be a great choice as it gives you more of a risk and an actual "mission". 

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Survival mod could be very interesting in singleplayer, if this is the one where winter has deadly temps and you must keep a close watch on body temperatures, with very  limited travelling away from base, fur clothing,  and need for constant fires going.  


Move to center -- didn't they incorporate this into the vanilla game sometime back?


Mark and Recall sounds very handy. I used these a lot in Morrowind ... (well, everyone did)


More potables is definitely nice.


I like the creatures mod that adds pandas, ocelots, zebras, and more horse colors, but then I am a bit horse crazy ^_^


Do you have the mod with no restrictions on priests, with the shared spell lists?  


Oddly, I often play with alts on singleplayer mod. Usually three sisters who are building a homestead together.  I play singleplayer a lot. Usually after a spell I get lonely for the presence of others even if only in Global, but other times I just want to do my own thing without dealing with drama. So I tend to bounce back and forth between public servers (90 percent of my time) and singleplayer (10 percent). 





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On 12/14/2018 at 10:29 PM, Aylana said:

no build limit

no damage


I wouldn't recommend running those on a "normal" server, they were meant more for people just building with a gm, a-la "creative mode" 


Especially no damage - it means every corpse, every single woodscrap or piece of junk etc will stay around forever until you manually get rid of it.


On 12/15/2018 at 3:25 AM, Brash_Endeavors said:

Move to center -- didn't they incorporate this into the vanilla game sometime back?


Move to center was added to vanilla, but the mod also adds move to corner option, which isn't. I should probably rename it... ?

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Thanks for the suggestions. I went back and added some notes to the original post. work holiday coming soon, I should I time to get all this setup.


Thanks again, and feel fee to make more suggestions.

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If you're interested in Archaeology at all, you'll want to have a GM toon type #generateDeadVillages <#>  

For a single player on a 2048 size server, I like to do 2050 dead villages:   #generateDeadVillages 2050


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