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Hello all!!!



Let me introduce myself.  My name is Lightningroc, and I have just found this wonderful game called Wurm.  Presently a friend of mine and myself have a server and have an idea in mind of what we want to do with it.  It's not a huge scheme, just some simple things that might be fun to create for the people that will eventually come to play on this server.  Its a somewhat primitive feel that we are going for.  Think 1500's era.  The main highway and 2 maybe three main settlements.  Nothing major.  We will also be seeking knowledge fair people to be on the server as staff.  Staff positions will not be given out willy-nilly there will be questions and such to answer and maybe a trial period or something like that.  We aren't looking for a huge team maybe just 4 or 5 people to start out with and see where it goes from there.  The server has been paid for the next three months and an additional three months will be added to it when that time is up.  After that, we will operate off of mostly donations.  ((we hope)).  The server has a custom map, none of the default maps that are so overused and boring.  Server rates are set at a rate we feel is reasonable but may be tweaked before we finally open to the public.  The server will be passworded until the map is deemed complete.  The server is considered PvPE.  Meaning player v s player IS enabled, but that is NOT the concentration of this server.  Also this server has Dragons on it, so builder's would probably be made temp admins so they could go invisi and not become dragon kibble.  SMIRKS


IF you would like to help us out please respond to this thread and we will get back to you as soon as possible.  Any and all suggestions are wonderful, as we are just looking to create a fun laid back loving community.  ANd maybe kick a little wurm ass in the process hehehehe

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