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Wtb diggers for massive project - The TC Home Server

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Hi, I'm creating a freedom division within TC where you come over as labourers but are under TC protection. 
We're making Chaos into the TC home server and plan to make different villages spread across the map holding down important influences.
We're first building the great wall of TC and for this we will need around 20-40 diggers.

Why am I undertaking such a big project?

I've been dwelling on this project for 6 months. It's mainly cosmetic with the wall, it will have benefits, but hades wall really inspired me.
When I rode up to that and god I don't want to attack that, or be on the otherside..
I want to recreate that feeling for the new players coming over and that's why I'm offering roles to people from freedom and beyond in exchange of money for your work (You might even want to join TC instead)
                                                                                        This is history in the making.                                                                  



Jobs will vary from Leveling the great 1.5k wall to collecting dirt and ferrying it from Freedom servers to the ground zero.

All interest should be sent to me via PM on the forums with your digging skill or proffered role. I will look at your reputation and will reply if you fit our strict workers regulations and screenings. 
Certain roles will pay differently and will have different requirements. Ie: Digging = $ for dirt Leveling = $ for sections/actions and Transport = $ per trip

Other jobs will be listed soon but will include people willing to create statue of colossus in many forms.

The list below will contain people but they do not COMPLETE the role. Keep applying and you'll be added to the list!
Tower builders: Bloodsythe
Tower maintenance: Rasu
Highway planner: Shawv
Highway worker: Tuanta
Highway Maintenance: William
Tunnel planner: Threap, Shawv
Tunnel worker: Rhianna

Supply and Logistics Coordinator: Egard
Chef: Egard
Supervisor of stuff: Thunderstruck
Surface Miner:
Mag Miner:
Site health and safety Manager: Mclovin
Risk of PVP assessor and Senior security for working forces manager: Dadd
TC protection service: Ciray
Bouncer: Wulfgar
Moral support: Tuanta
Document Spelling Corrector: Alyeska 
Rights For Freedom Workers And Alliance of Guilds: Rudie
Rally Gang Leader: Mojo
Slave DriverMotivator: Wilca

Meals, housing and tools provided. 

I will update thread with plans tonight.




The wall Prototype


Other "TC" hotspots I shall recreate around the map


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Some roles I need are updated and jobs are on going so apply with me in PM!

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Tools, armour, food, beds, living provided. Safety provided. Training for fighting back wildings also provided.

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A lot of interest so far! Tc are in the middle of setting up the Freedom Workers Guild around the site and will be bringing over the first ground teams on the 15/12.


Come work and be part of history, whilst getting paid! 

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Bump: First workers due tomorrow!

As christmas comes and passes, we will be buying bulk dirt!

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Gonna build there 19 castles as well? How many of them will be manned? And why didn't we built such thing around Newspring island when we could stop wild tribes living there yet? ?

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We have three of the most secure deeds along the wall. The Northern armies shall not enter into the heart of TC

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Great progress on the wall. For security reasons I cannot share the progress.

Need a builder willing to help build 4 colossus. Supplies are here.

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I also have lots of dirt for sale if still needed ?

Call me ingame or on forums in case anyone wanna buy.

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