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WTA 2x TWIN RARE Archaeology Statue of Eagle Fragments!

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2x Rare Archaeology Statue of Eagle Fragments




2 rare Eagle fragments in 2 lots:


Lot 1one rare eagle fragment 21ql


Lot 2one rare eagle fragment 16ql


Activate a rare fragment when combining with your own fragments to transfer the rarity to your final Eagle statue.


Make a magnificent statue (or two!) to grace any deed!


Your rare statue(s) will glow when finished - I will provide instructions!


Beautiful Eagle statues with outstretched wings! - see below!




(Screenshot from Wiki / Goldfinch)


Make them your own!


Fragment(s) can be mailed COD or pickup available at Southport U18, Deliverance.


Please keep auction comments for bids only -

Feel free to pm me with any questions!  :) 


Please state which lot(s) you are bidding on, when you place your bids!


Have fun! - and check out my other auctions for more fragments and statues.


Buyout: 30s each (or 50s for both)

 No Sniper Protection

Low Start Bid: 15s each  <-----------------L@@K!

Increment: Whatever!

No Reserve



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