Cheap nonenchanted items

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Mailable Item       QL        Price

Military Tent         60          50c
Explorer Tent        60          40c
Small barrel          70           2c
Wine barrel           70           5c
Fine Fishing Pole 70         10c
Wagoneer Delivered Items
Small Crate    creation     5c
Large Crate    creation    10c
Must be picked up Items  
Wagon                70        50c
Creature Cage   70         1s
Larder                 70       15c
Beehive              70       65c
Range Pole        70       15c

Bulk Items   
Planks                creation    1s/k
Pegs                   creation    1s/k
Shaft                   creation    1s/k
Wood Shingle    creation    1.2s/k


Special Item

Fully stocked (30 planters) Planter rack. You chose what herbs/spices you want and I'll make the rack and plant them for you. Just picking these daily gives gardening skill and you never have to forage for them again! For only 1.3s. 


     Note that any item above can be made from whatever wood you choose, and higher ql levels are negotiable.


     Items can be picked up from Eden on Xan (746, - 7483). Any order of 5s or more will have free delivery to any coastal deed except chaos. 



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