If you can redesign tap, you can redesign dance!

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Hi Everyone! 


it's time for another start deed makeover! Aren't you all excited? 


We're looking for players to form groups and submit design ideas for the Tap Dance starter deed on Celebration


The layout is fairly simple, the deed is a set size of 41x41, and has a large perimeter, we're looking for a design that shows off what's possible in the game, as well as give it that community style for the server, so missing highways, and roads that go nowhere! (Seriously, how does ANYONE on Celebration travel?)


We'll be taking entries for the next two weeks, then you will all have the opportunity to vote on which one you want to represent your server, complete with death tabs from myself.


Entries will need to have a deedplanner file of the proposal, a few screenshots from deedplanner, and a little blurb detailing your proposal. You don't have to worry about materials, as we'll provide them all. (Assembly required, extra nails and shafts may be found at the bottom of the box)


The current deed plan is available here:

So grab a friend or three, and get planning!


Entry timeframe closes when this counter expires:





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I'd be more worried with the area immediately outside Tap Dance.  It makes Tap Dance look amazing in comparison.

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Entry by Allenkey:


My "Tap Dance" design overhauls the area, from terraforming at the south to make it blend with the current sea level, to building a great, vibrant community vibe. I've tried incorporating a site for a Wagoneer and a very small market, to provide some freshly arrived players with some bare essentials, should they want to spend a few silvers. I've tried working into the design some farm fields, a church, lots of different buildings that are skill/theme related and some green space. Some might think it has a great "Imp'along feel", and that, to me, reminds me of a functional community. 


Here are some top-view shots:



Top View, south side



Top View, North side



Top View, North-East side



Top View, North-West side



View of deed token







A few street views



Wagoneer's House



The Mini-Marketplace



The Housing Street, north side



The Housing Street, south side



In front of marble castle



The King's Gardens



The Farms



Inside view of a few buildings



The Distillery



Tailoring shack



The Fired Forge



Timber to Lumber



Inside Marble Castle



The God's Assembly



Here is my Pastebin link:


Thank you all for your time, and feedback is greatly appreciated! Please tag me in your post if you are providing feedback :) 



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"(Seriously, how does ANYONE on Celebration travel?)" we travel by the ancient old knowledge of knowing the terrain and having a map in our mind handed down to us by past generations who thought us well who needs highways when you know where the best hunting spots are or the gold veins or the elusive slate veins or the best spot for raging unicorns for taming and riding but most of all the crazy mad evil remodelers this is the main reason we pass down that information to make sure we dont anger them by building to close to them

also might actually partake in this this seems like fun
oh also where is the counter

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