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Useless rare solution

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I thought about this a lot, and I would not support anything like this unless there was also a sink implemented for the resulting items..

The rarity system is too plain, it needs to be more dynamic in my opinion..


Instead of having an on/off system for rarity, I would love to see it work like enchants, with a power so, at 10k for instance you get a rare, at 30k you get a supreme and at 100k you get a fantastic. And of course similar to enchants, it will lose power every time you use the tool/weapon/whatever (not sure how decorations would work, maybe time based or something).

This power can be examined and will show something like : Rarity level 12500, that means you have a rare, and are 17.5k away from a supreme.


With such a system I would not mind seeing any kind of rarity essence farming (@kochinac) (getting low amounts 1-10 from crappy stuff like lovage and shafts, and getting high amounts 100-150 from a rare pickaxe for instance, the values need to be balanced of course.. don't follow the numbers, I'm just brainstorming it now).

Rare bones can have an essence value of 10k, supremes 30k, etc, so you can "drain" them and use that essence just like using the bone.

Moments of inspiration could also work differently in this system.. no more silly fails, they are rare enough as it is while imping. If you get a moment of inspiration, you get a chance to increase the power (RNG 1+), if you fail you probably get a very low value, if you succeed then it can be a rare+ or something smaller, but it would get you closer to rare.


But most importantly.. this will create a sink for sooo many rares that are in the game, and would also create a need to always keep your items high in essence if you want it to keep it's rarity.. not just making it once and then having it forever..

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Wouldn't it just be better to overhaul the system to be simple - instead of producing rare items, it produces essence.  You use that essence to upgrade an item to rarity of your choice.  Takes more essence to reach the next rarity. 


This would make the system much more rewarding as the bulk of your time is spent churning out junk.


So getting a rare would be 10 essence, 100 required to upgrade an item to the first level rarity.  1000 for the 2nd level (supreme) and 10000 for fantastic.


This also has an increasing amount depending on how many times it's been used.  Your first rarity is 100, but your next is 110, etc.

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On 12/4/2018 at 4:53 AM, Seriphina said:

There's a lot of rares that we end up with that have no real purpose or benefit. Just today I got another rare rounded stone. They end up being sacrificial fodder. What if they had a better purpose? What if we could have a good reason for not having to hang our heads in sadness over yet another useless rare?

My proposal is that we gather 100 rare items to sacrifice at a time, each with less than 20.00 damage, and place them into one of the blessed metal altars (not wood or stone). This would be any rare from those rounded stones, to meals, to sprouts and coins. By sacrificing 100 rare items in one go, the gods would reward us with a rare bone.




Where is the balance? You have to collect and store 100 rare items to prepare for this, and they each have to have less than 20.00 damage. If you end up with 3 rare lemons from your harvest, you need to prevent their decay if you want to use them as a part of your sacrifice.


Alternately, this sacrifice could guarantee that your next improve/create action would result in a rare result if the concern is the value of the bones on the market.  If your next action is to tend a field, then so be it. But adding a plank to a cart, improving armor, finally finishing that guard tower, whatever action you choose, would give a rare final result.

+1 You always come up with the cleverest ideas!

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I am against this idea. Huge alliances would start mass-producing rare bones, and then we will have a snowball effect ruining a whole economy. 

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