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Xephrime Supplies - Shopping in Lomere!

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Xephrime Supplies

Our village is located in South Lomere near the big steppes. When we initially settled there, it was pure wilderness and no existing road system. As last stop before the real wild land starts, we setup a small supply shop to give the brave settlers the best chances to survive outside there. These days are gone for sure, but we are still a good place to visit and browse for nice stuff for your village to fair prices.


On our deed, you find our personal merchant "Gloria" with a nice sort of different stuff to buy. As we avoid the travelling to the market, we give the prices to our customers and we are sure you find some nice stuff to fair prices. When being nearby, we are worth having a short step by and browse a bit:


Most of our stuff does have some small cast on it giving you some COC or WOA extra to prices that are normally charged for blank tools!


If you didn't find something interesting for you, don't hesitate to ask and we create it for you to a offer you cannot reject!


Bulk Materials

Coming soon



Coming soon


Extra Services

We are not just selling stuff, but also having some nice extra services available for our visitors!


Free Beds

There is no doubt, Xanandu is a beautiful, but big place. While being on a long travel it can be difficult to find some nice place to sleep during your trip. No need to waste your sleep bonus anymore! If you are nearby, come to our village. We are having free beds in our staples. Don't worry, you don't have to sleep with the animals! The staples does have a cozy place to rest with beds in the second floor. New Wurmians are welcomed to use the beds also until they are able to build their own.

Free House Planning

We have skilled carpenters (80+) that can help you to plan your new house if you are not skilled enough. When being in Lomere region, don't hesitate to ask! We like to help!

Free Thatchering

You have enough from the wood shringles and pottery bricks on your house? Thatchered roof are giving a cozy landflair, but are a pain to skill. Let us know and we help in building up top the 4th floor for free!

Free Ship Imp

Everyone know this problem: You just bought your new ship and it is sunk already. We help to imp your ship for free up to 50ql.



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