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[Server] Zoned PvE

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This mod provides a convenient way to customize PvE zones in PvP Wurm Unlimited server


Color scheme

Create a colored image to specify PvE/PvP zones for your Wurm Unlimited server:

Color(r, g, b)                   Description
Green(0, 255, 0)                   Always PvE
Yellow(255, 255, 0)                   PvE with scheduled PvP
Pink(255, 128, 128)                   PvP with PvE at deeds
Orange(255, 128, 0)                   PvP with PvE at deeds. Scheduled PvP at deeds.
Red(255, 0, 0)                   Always PvP


Map format

The map must be 24-bit BMP image named "map.bmp" and located in "%SERVER_FOLDER%/mods/ZonedPVE" directory. The image size must be equal to server map size. Top left corner of the image corresponds to the north-west corner of the server.

Example image:


This map is created for a very small (512x512) server.

There are peaceful north and south with little PVP at the center. The yellow zone will have PvP only at certain times. The pink zone has PvP outside of any deeds. Orange zone is the most complicated - PvE on deeds with scheduled PvP (and constant PvP outside of any deeds). The red zone has always enabled PvP.


Schedule format

The schedule can be set in the configuration file using UNIX cron format.

Very good site for creating schedules is here. Here are some examples:


UNIX cron format Human readable format
* 20-21 * * SAT

Every Saturday between 20 and 21 hours

*/2 * * * *

Every second minute


Put your schedule string to "%SERVER_FOLDER%/mods/" file with key "pvpschedule". Example:

pvpschedule=* 20-21 * * SAT


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Published new release - fixed PvE mode for catapults and Scorn of Libila spell

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This is really cool- thanks for releasing this! I'm thinking about usng it to create a little deathmatch area on our server. Does the server have to be set to pvp/pve, or does this override normal checks to those?

Edited by conco

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This mod prohibits pvp in some situations, it can't allow pvp on pve server, so it makes sense to use it only in pvp servers.


Conco, feedback is appreciated. 

Edited by Ildar

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Hello! Is this mod updated? 

I painted my cities green and the rest of the map pink, following your instructions about the size and color codes. Then I tried to attack another player with a non-admin character in one of the cities and it worked, meaning that the zone is not non-pvp. 


I can not figure out what I can be doing wrong, that's why I'am asking if it is updated.

Thank you!

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