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decals/table statues = free advertising

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For some who played WoW, when your driving down the road and your mains are alliance and see a horde, what do some people do. Well for me I drive past and yell FOR THE ALLIANCE... as i get the finger and yelled at in orgish. Same with pokemon go, I'm a team valor, and cut off team mystic usally. Along with other stickers on my side window.

Off topic, when newgrounds was a fresh flash website. New members were sent stickers of the famous tank along with there website. I got many people to search it due to having it on my bike and gameboy color. Some might know newgrounds for foamy the squirrel.


Anyways, if members could purchase or even get rewarded for being prem for x amount of months/time be sent these decals. I would put a wurm sticker on the car along with a freedom flag and probly JK also.


I'm not sure if it was wurm or another game I'm thinking of, but for a boost in revenue and a table centerpiece there was a 5" 3d printed statues which sold for 30-50 usd.

Things like this would be free advertising, and let the gamer show his pride in the game by showcasing it.

Ps, decalgirls com dos custom bulk work, just need to have the copyrights in your name.

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I've requested to be able to use the Wurm Online logo in the past for a run of t-shirts and was told that CC would be coming out with some stuff in the near future... Not sure when that will happen though...

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