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Rift Jewelry, Bracelets, moon metals, hide, scale, skull mask

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1.   necklace of protection 1s x3 

2.   artisan necklace 1s x2

3.   soul stealer necklace 1s x2

4.   necklace of focus 1s x2


5.   dark ring 1s

6.   artisan ring 1.5s

7.   ring of the eye 1s


8.   spear bracelet 1.5s

9.   huge sword bracelet 1.5s x2

10. bracelet of inspiration 1.5s x2

11. used short sword bracelet 1.5s x3

12. short sword bracelet 1.5s x2


13. Drake hide 0.038 1.52s x2

14. Drake hide 0.019 0.76s

15. dragon scale 0.036 1.8s


16. rare glimer 75ql 0.29 2s

17. supreame glimer 87ql 0.36 3s

18. rare adamantine 88 ql 0.35 3s


skull mask gold,silver,oleander all 3 for 5s


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Please cod me artisan necklace x2 / artisan ring / necklace of protection x3/ total 6.5 s Ty be well a d blessed to

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