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wts - Selling out everything must go!

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+seryll lump & helmet sold


+ rare shield sold


Kingdom wagons 10s each! I have these ones left: Legion of Anubis, Ebonaura, The Crusaders, Dreadnaught Dynasty and Empire of Mol'rehan.


Also I have 1 rare cedarwood Legion of Anubis Wagon. 90ql & runed.



(Picture of a Legion of Anubis wagon!)


If you'd like pictures of the others let me know but I think the rest I am selling are more well known by now.



+ drake, lion & eagle pieces sold



Banners & flags!

I have a selection of banners and flags from various kingdoms. Alot of Legion of Anubis, Dreadnaught Dynasty and Crusader flags and banners mostly since that's what used to decorate my deed. Also have at least 1 banner from every kingdom for sale.



Bull vs Bear Hota statue with a pink glow



Knarr, 50ql

Pink Knarr, runed, 73ql, fantastic lock

Corbita, 25ql

Cog, 22ql


Bulk Mats:

6.6k Mortar

25k+ Dirt

12k clay

800 slate bricks

500 rounded stone bricks

1k iron ribbons

1.3k shafts

2k charcoal

3k cotton

500 wool

alot of rockshards??


11k creation iron

1.4k creation copper

700 creation steel

500 creation tin

500 creation zinc

600 creation silver

1.1k creation gold

1k 80ql iron

+a few creates of other hq metals including 100ql metals.


4.2k 91ql corn

2.1k 94ql garlic

967 96ql chopped garlic

+ alot of other veg (1k of each between 80-90ql)

1k of 75ql diced meat

+ alot of other meat


400 grapes

+ barrels of maple sap



All vesseled!



Not vesseled!


Feeling paranoid? Here's some nolo rings :3



Haven't got pictures up yet of general enchanted tools/gear but if you want a cheap enchanted tool or set let me know what you are after whether it's horse gear, skilling tools, weapons.. I probably have it.


* Bulk mats will include crates/bsbs.

* Pickup only I am unable to do any deliveries sorry!


Will accept silver or euro! Also selling silver at 1e for 1s.


Send me your offers! :D




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