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Stone Peaks Wilderness 1x1 PVE 8k map (advanced starting skills)

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Stone Peaks Wilderness


Opened November 1st


-PVE 1x1x 
-8k map
-150,000 creatures
-90% aggressive
-Skills start at 25
-Characteristics start at 23


-Bonus skill increases for first character.

-Alts are allowed, but only one character may be played at the same time. Also only one character per person may get the bonus skill increases.(bonus skill increases are: 3 skills to 33 and 2 skills to 40)

-Bounty mod on aggressive creatures .


-Base player combat rating is 1 (default is 3)


-Custom Creatures.

-Mini dungeons/encampments with loot.

-Traveling merchant which will buy certain items. (items bought will change on a weekly or monthly schedule)


-Custom achievements/titles with rewards(Fantastic quality rewards for epic achievements)


-Leaderboard mod that you can opt in or out of

-No priest restrictions, but there is a 50 prayer skill requirement for becoming a priest.


-Dirt goes directly to a pile on the ground when digging.


-Burn Corpses for Karma.


-Default deed costs- 4.21s for smallest deed with no guard (11x11).  Guards cost 2s to hire and 1s monthly upkeep.

-Discord -


In the year 970 King Graiden of Brithanza, who is in allegiance with the Freedom Isles, sent out expeditions in search of new lands. After about 10 years ,one of the expeditions led by Captain Maddox Brock, discovered a new land. The King was very excited about the discovery and decided to come see the new land for himself. 

The King ended up spending over two weeks sailing around the new land and even wanted to go inland but his officers insisted it was far to dangerous for the King because the large amount of hostile creatures roaming about. It was at this time when King Graiden decided to name the new land. After seeing the enormous amount of rock cliffs and mountain peaks and seeing how rugged and hostile most of the land was, He named it Stone Peaks Wilderness.

The King then commissioned a small settlement to be built , which became known as Stone Peaks Foothold. The King guaranteed free transport to the new land for all adventurers, pioneers, hunters, and gold seekers that proved that they had enough skills to stay alive and banned all novices from traveling there. He also made deals with traveling merchants to regularly trade with the new land to help it grow and prosper.


The rest of the story begins now.



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I had never played vanilla Wurm and was sure I could never stand it after years of being spoiled on modded servers, but Stone Peaks has proven me wrong. I decided to log on just to check it out and am now officially hooked. There is a real sense of community as you all work at the outpost to gather the gear and skills needed to venture out in the absolutely HUGE world. Stepping out on your own is not something to do lightly. With aggressive mobs around every corner you need good armor/weapons. A boat is a necessity if you want to explore most of the map. And none of that comes easy at 1x skill 1x action, vanilla speed, etc. However, I am finding the rewards well worth the effort. I feel accomplished at something as simple as growing a crop that takes 5 days rather than 5 hours.


I know the vanilla experience isn't for everyone, but if you are up for the challenge come check out Stone Peaks. You will find an active group of friendly players and a beautiful world to make your own, if you are willing to work for it :D


Kiarrah (in game)

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Stone Peaks is moving along wonderfully with settlers spreading out across the huge map. Yesterday we had 18 players on and I believe six deeds have been established. It takes awhile at 1x skill and action, but feels very rewarding once you achieve one!The admin has added some unique ways to earn coin in addition to the bounties on aggressive mobs. For example, there are chests hidden on top of the highest mountains (which are super high on this server) and you receive coin and titles by finding them. Other examples are killing uniques, various numbers of specific mob types, completing dungeons, building bridges, building magnificent structures, and more. You can find a complete list on the Discord channel linked above. A RP traveling merchant also offers deals for coin such as selling bricks, tools, animal products, etc. For those brave enough to venture out, enemy camps appear and rumors are reported as to the location.


If you are looking for a fresh start check us out :) We'd love to have you join our growing community.

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Nice server. Achievements for 1x1 really brings quite a boost in a good way. Map is nice, but a little bit bumpy though doesn't affect travel by much.

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