Allied archery guard towers fire at you -- Never does damage, just odd

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I've noticed that a wooden archery tower in an allied town of the same kingdom (HOTS) tries to fire arrows at me approximately every 50 seconds if I'm fairly close to me. Unsure if bug, possibly related to a different kingdom boundary issue I've noticed, though it also happens whilst inside the village's primary territory.


They never seem to do any damage to me, or the shield I'm apparently using to block them automatically. I just get this in my combat tab whilst within approximately 20 tiles of the archery guard tower:



You instinctively block an arrow with your shield.


Today I noticed whilst building a bridge may large shield skill was rising from this. Not a complaint, but I can just stand there, continue building, and get free shield skill. 😀


Game version is

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Looks like this was related to the kingdom boundary issue I linked. Since restarting the server this issue doesn't seem to happen.

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