Unfinished Rack and Crafting Window?

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When a Unfinished polearms Rack is on the ground you can not add it to the crafting window to continue.

You can not drag item location from the ground too the crafting window.

You can add the Unfinished Polearms Rack to the crafting window when it is ONLY in your inventory.

However, [22:47:17] You may only use that item while it is on the ground.

Returning it to ground removes from crafting window.


When unfinished Crate is on the ground, you get "Add to crafting window" option.

When the unfinished Crate is in your inventory, it can be added to the Crafting window and also Continue.



is this... not working correctly?


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It's working just fine, right click it when it's on the ground and you get "Add to crafting window" and you can put the required resource "planks" for example in the other window and start queing actions for continuing.

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