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Ash: would be nice if all containers that have the burn option gave ash over time based on how much you burn. Currently you have to build a bunch of coal piles or create an entire field full of camp fires. The reason… Your containers that burn fuel will only produce 1 ash? I think ash should be accumulated over time. So it seems current containers have a burn count down timer of sorts that adds time up to a maximum; then counts down until the fire goes out. Why not add a total burn time counter in the containers that reaches a max time then resets. Every time that counter reaches its max time it produces an Ash (0.10 ash as I recall) in the container. It will slowly fill up until it completely stifles the fire and needs to be cleared out. Now this shouldn’t be intended to inundate a player with Ash so the “Ash Timer” reset time should be… one or one half the max burn time so you only get one to two ash per refueling action. This also improves the issue with players accumulating A LOT of wood scrap from other projects. Speaking of which…


Scrap: It also would be nice if coal Piles use primarily wood scrap rather than a ton of logs. It not only makes more sense (I’ve seen coal piles built in RL and you really do use mostly undesirable wood for it) but also improves the overabundance of wood scrap.  I would say it would be nice to see a craft list for coal piles to be more like this:

3x Dirt

4x logs (17kg or better)

150x Wood scrap

Crafting timers would have to be shortened for the large quantity of Scrap to add or have similar timers and have a requirement that the scrap has to be 10 Kg or better so the player would need to combine it. It would be enhanced even further if you had to craft the dirt into mud first but that would add a whole new ingredient to the game, Likely prohibitive for the devs.


Thank-you for any thoughts on these subjects everyone! Happy Wurming!

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