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Emberwynn Recruitment

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Status: Recruiting

Our Merchant Ad


Emberwynn is seeking new Recruits to help fill our roster and Deed.

We are a small group of returning Wurmians to the Xanadu server and have been hard at work to prepare and rebuild at our newest location at M23

We pride ourselves on working as a unit, there is no "I" in Emberwynn and we focus on our Village Deed tasks, Land and Equipment as a Group. We encourage each member to pursue their individual interests, however expect all those capable to full-fill tasks that the Village may need completed as a whole. Sharing tasks, equipment, resources is a major priority at Emberwynn and resulting in hoarding or fighting over resources is not acceptable.

Sharing Tools, Armor and other Equipment is strongly encouraged as it ensures everyone has the available resources needed to accomplish tasks.

While we encourage our Village-Mates to pursue their preferred skills, we are not a skiller village!



  1. No using excess amounts of resources in a manner to boost skill at an extreme rate.
    • This includes but is not limited to:
      • Mass production of food that can't possibly be eaten before it spoils
      • Draining Ores with the intention of only raising skill and not properly storing resource
      • Mining completely blind/freely without concern for proper Mine etiquette.
  2. Proper Mining Technique must be observed to preserve our Mine and it's stability!
    • Proper Strip-Mining technique must be followed when using the mine to gather Stone
      • (Branches every 3rd Tile to create a new Strip off the Main entry Tunnels)
  3. Pregnant Animals are not to be used for any reason!
    • Do not hitch, ride or take impregnated animals out of the pen for any reason!
  4. Animals must be returned to their proper pens after use and/or carts parked on Grass (not trees, bushes, etc;)
    • This is to prevent animal starvation and mistreatment.
    • All animals on deed are available for use by Village Members, unless otherwise stabled/marked/labelled.
    • Private Animals can be requested/provided for a fee.
      • These animals are yours, no questions asked to do as you please and are expected to be looked after by you.
        • These animals will not be reimbursed if lost, starved or otherwise!
  5. Do not purposefully impede, obstruct or damage Village or Others Personal Property!
    • This includes but is not limited to:
      1. Combining vastly different QL Resources.
      2. Bashing, Destroying or Leaving Tools and Equipment in a vulnerable location.
      3. Using the last of a resource with no intention of restocking/replacing or putting in a Work-Order to have the stock replenished by a more experienced Member.
        • I.E: Ore, Wood/Logs, certain Blacksmithing/Weaponsmithing/Armorsmithing Items
  6. No breeding of Public Animals.
    • This task is already full-filled by myself, though you are welcome to tend/brush all public animals at your leisure.


We're looking for fellow team-members who are looking for a Village with a "All for One and One for All" mindset!

If the idea of working as a single unit appeals to you, sharing and replenishing needs, resources and jobs with your immediate community sounds like something you can get behind. Please let us know!


All applicants will be reviewed with current members and new members placed under a trial period with certain limitations until they have proven to be able to work as a single Village Unit and follow our rules.

Send a PM to Daecie In-Game or post to this thread with the following:

  • Your preferred skill(s)
  • What you like most about Wurm
  • What you hate most about Wurm
  • Why you think Emberwynn is the best choice for you!


We are New Player Friendly!

Do not be shy to send us a message if you are brand-new to the game! We're happy to help you learn!

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