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[Xanadu] Khazad Dum recruiting!

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I'm a proud mayor of crater village in northern newspring.

I have to apologise for my english, i feel fine while talking, but writing posts was never my good side.


I can't offer much, but i will help everyone as much as i can. 
Most free space is to be mined underground, above level is mostly used as farmlands and forests, tho i can give some land to someone.



Currently i am living here as a hermit, without anyone to help.
I don't require anything from villagers, just help with something from time to time.


When it comes to questions, you can contact me here, or ingame.
My ingame nickname is "Xenonpl", i should be online pretty often.
My village is a part of alliance "Newspring Isle".

Here are some screenshots.










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+1, good luck in your search for villagers! :)


(I found and recommended this place for him, really awesome and one of a kind spot!)

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Can agree it's a good spot! Secluded but not too far away from civilization.


A long time ago I felt like terraforming one of Newspring's crater-shaped mountain ranges would make for an interesting deed, and I'm glad someone went ahead and did it.

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