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Map Generator (flavor alternative)

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Hello Everybody,


I'm publishing my version of Budda's WGenerator, it's a flavor alternative, you may like it or you may not.


It's provided as is, you may do with it as you wish, freely.


I've replaced the UI panel, and instead use only a properties file. You can have many properties files, and you can share properties files among peers instead of sharing the entire map, they just need the same version of the program.


Download the program and run with this command (the command should not include the ".properties" file extension):

java -jar wgenerator.jar [properties file]

  1. The maps this program generates does not have the random patches of biomes. Instead, a climate model is generated and biomes are distributed according to temperature. You will find deserts and steppes to the south, and tundra to the north.
  2. Snow is automatically placed on mountain peaks at certain altitudes.
  3. The height map is more compressed and at the same time more jagged and rough, there are cliffs and ravines, and large open fields. Mountains have more pointed peaks.
  4. Dirt also erodes, and at some places piles up to mounds, other places becomes flat, and some hilly.
  5. Trees and bushes are distributed more mixed, and according to climate type. Pine and fir where it's colder, olive and cedar where it's warmer, etc.


Just to mention a few changes.


I don't like repeating myself, so I will never use this generator again, and thus there will be no updates.


Edited by Tenniel

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Any tips on getting a map such as you have above? Been playing around for a bit now but cant seem to get a smooth shoreline- just massive cliffs right into the water.

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Someone might notice a miss with this type of maps, which is that the sun rises in the north west and sets in the south west, and travels across the western side of the sky, which means that the cold climate should be to the east actually. To make the eastern side of the map colder and the western warmer, replace the code in on line 328, with this:


for(x=sx; x<ex; ++x) {
	lat = (float)(s-x)/(float)s;
	for(y=sy; y<ey; ++y) {
		b = biomeMap[x-sx][y-sy];
		if(b.surface>=0) {
			h = (float)b.surface/snow;
			h = h*h*h;
			b.temp = (lat*22.0f + b.inland*(y<t? -5.0f : 5.0f) + (b.climate+b.env*0.33f)*6.0f)*(1.0f-h) + h*-5.0f;
			if(b.temp<minTemp) minTemp = b.temp;
			if(b.temp>maxTemp) maxTemp = b.temp;
		if(x>sx && y>sy && x<ex-1 && y<ey-1) {
			b.slope = (short)Math.abs(b.area[6].surface-b.surface);
			n = Math.abs(b.area[1].surface-b.area[2].surface);
			if(n>b.slope) b.slope = (short)n;


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Which settings to use depends a lot on the size of the map, but the generator will first make a quick render to see what the map will look like in general, without biomes and a lot of dirt, which is the process that takes a lot of time but which doesn't affect the layout of the map much. You can therefore make a quick render, change the settings, quick render again until you get a seed and parameters you like, then render all the way to get the complete map.

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