Stuck in GM mode - can't change game management power setting

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If I change it for any character and click the save button, the save button greys out and the change doesn't actually take place.   Below is what the server CMD window shows after trying to make the change:



Anyone have any ideas what is causing this?


Things I have tried so far:

1. Remove all mods and restart

2. Starting with the wurmserverlauncher, rather than wurmserverlauncherpatched.

3. starting up the server using the client and "manage local server - use dedicated server" option


About the last thing I did before this happened was to use my GM powers to spawn a couple trader contracts, enable them in the feature management, spawn the traders and then summon one trader to within the range of the other trader, which made me think I was breaking some internal server code, so I then wizkilled that trader - didn't help.


Any ideas or help would be awesome.


Edit:  I decided to go into Feature Management and undo my changes to allow traders, but I can no longer open Feature Management, even using another GM alt I have. 



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i get that too sometimes, mostly when trying to give powers and save using the gui with server running.

i dont have a solution but my workaround was to save from gui before starting server.

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You can manage powers from ingame with the ebony wand. Activate it, Right click it and go to Server>manage player powers. See if that works.

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