Alveron (PVE/4k Map/1x/1x)

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Alveron is a new PVE server with 1x Skill gain and 1x Action timers. Alveron uses a detailed 4k map with a variety of different forest regions, plains, mountains, expansive deserts, swamps, islands and ice sheets. Alveron features a storyline covering the history of the realm and its five distinct regions, all ruled by the High King. Players, their settlements and their exploits will optionally be worked into the story of Alveron.

Server IP:

Port: 3724

We have a discord server where we will post announcements. You can join it here:

Live Map:

Lore Map:



1.       Be respectful towards other players. Do not harass them or do actions with the intent of disrupting their ability to play on the server.

2.       Racism, bigotry and explicit content will not be tolerated.

3.       Speak English in any public chat channels.

4.       Certain events will require that you roleplay, and possibly follow other instructions from a GM.

5.       You are permitted to have as many characters as you want. However, only one of your characters may participate in any given GM ran event.

6.       Do not try to disrupt other player’s deeds without permission from them. This means not building houses, fences, farms or terraforming within 25 tiles of their perimeter. GMs may remove offending structures at the request of the deed’s owner.

7.       This includes making sure any deed you found gets no closer than 25 tiles away from neighbouring deeds without permission from them.

8.       Do not lure dangerous mobs with the intent of using them to kill another player.

9.       Do not steal from other players.

10.   The GMs can take action in cases where, beyond the scope of the above rules, a player intentionally disrupts the normal functioning of the server, the intended gameplay of the server, or the ability of others to play on the server.


Gameplay Information


The Server is set to PVE. Under High King Mather’s Law, all players are part of the same (High) Kingdom.

Skill gain and Action Timers are 1x and 1x.

The server has a hand crafted 4096x4096 custom map. You can preview this map here:

Adamantine and Glimmersteel veins can be found, but they are exceptionally rare.

There are 50,000 mobs, and 20% of them are aggressive.

You need to pay both for deeds and their upkeep.

All skills start at 1

All characteristics start at 19.5

Your starter gear is all 10ql, with the exception of the flint and steel which remains 50ql

Priest restrictions remain in place

A starting settlement with basic services

Traders are disabled with the exception of one trader in the starting settlement. Merchants are enabled.




Bounties can be acquired on killing mobs. More dangerous mobs give larger bounties. There is a large bonus reward for killing mobs with conditions that increase their strength.

As previously mentioned, your starter gear has been modified.

Some features of MeditateMod have been included. The time delay between each level in a path has been reduced to 30% of the default. There is no delay between the first 5 skill gains each day. You  will not fail to meditate due to “you fail to relax”, and you do not need to keep moving around between attempts.

SkillGainControl, to remove the soft cap on Characteristics.




66 years ago, High King Mather I invaded from the west and conquered Alveron, unifying the Five Kingdoms under one crown, his own. Ruling largely in absentia, administration of the Five Kingdoms remains in the hands of three loyal Kings who all pledge fealty to Mather.

The Five Kingdoms retain their individual identities, and most people identify with one of them over the other, but Mather’s Law deems that all his subjects are part of the same realm, and are free to travel, work or settle anywhere within the Five Kingdoms.

High King Mather is now in his mid 90s, and crippled by age. Forces of various loyalties now gather, anticipating his death and the succession crisis that will result.



The Disunited Kingdoms

For hundreds of years, or perhaps since the first men ever set foot here, Alveron has been divided. Traditionally, in ages past, it was divided into four Kingdoms. Gallonia, Norothi, Senuthesia and Denathak. However, 350 years ago, subjects displeased with the ill rule of the King of Norothi eventually split to found the Petty Kingdom of Ilara.

These Kingdoms would frequently war each other over uncertain borders, with boundaries between each Kingdom and even the constituent Duchies constantly shifting. This continuous war left the population small and the realm undeveloped.

Mather’s Invasion

Mather was the King of a more advanced but smaller region far across the ocean to the west, Byazania. In his 20s, the young King proved to be an ambitious and skilled conqueror. After rapidly destroying any rival claimants to the throne of Byazania, he set his sights on conquering the disunited kingdoms of Alveron. Arriving on the shores of Gallonia 68 years ago, he quickly defeated its armies by siding with rebels that were already attempting to overthrow the King. Now the ruler of both Gallonia and Byazania, he declared himself “High King” and took his armies on to conquer Denathak and Norothi, which were already weakened by the war between them. With most of the realm already in Mather’s hands, Senuthesia and Ilarra decided to surrender rather than attempt an impossible resistance.

With the invasion complete, Mather handed control of the conquered Kingdoms of Gallonia, Norothi and Denathak to loyal commanders. The new rulers of these Kingdoms attempted to adopt the local culture and custom to try to endear themselves to their new  subjects. Mather redrew the previously unstable and disputed boundaries of the Five Kingdoms to try to minimize conflict between his vassals. Mather also proclaimed Mather’s Law, a legal code establishing the realm as a single entity, all subjects as a subject of Mather, and thus all subjects are allowed to travel across the realm freely, work anywhere freely and settle freely.

The Civil War

14 years ago, the King of Denathak and the Petty King of Ilarra forged an alliance to gain independence from High King Mather. Striking at locations along rivers and coastlines in a wave of surprise attacks, they seized strategic crossings and ports before their opposition could react.  Senuthesian and Norothi troops would perform most of the fighting against the rebels, aided by Gallonian mercenaries and the Royal Navy. In particular, the Royal Navy sustained extensive losses during the invasion of the Ilarran mainland.  

The rebels were finally defeated two years later, Senuthesia took control of Denathak while Norothi took control of Ilarra. Mather’s waning influence and health meant he had no choice but to accept this occupation as somewhat permenant. As a result, there are now five kingdoms ruled by three kings. The Senuthesian King became King of Denathak, and the Norothi King became the Petty King of Ilarra. While High King Mather intended this setup to be temporary, and for these dual kingdoms to be split between different heirs, whether this decree will be respected remains unclear. Furthermore, the crippled Royal Navy was largely rebuilt with Gallonian wood and craftsmen, leaving the Gallonian King in de facto control over the largest fleet in the known world.


The Five Kingdoms

Kingdom of Gallonia

Blazon: per pale wavy azure and vert, a galley argent

Gallonia dominates the Northwest corner of Alveron. A large portion of Gallonia is islands, btut the majority of it is part of the mainland. Gallonia has a strong naval tradition, and Gallonian ships are considered the best in all of Alveron. The large forests of the mainland provide the raw materials for this industry. Gallonians are pious, and due to this affinity for the open sea, Vynora is the most respected of the gods in Gallonia, although all of the White Light gods are held in high esteem here.

The fertile south, centre, east and islands of Gallonia provide a bountiful harvest, and a developed fishing industry further expands its food supply. As a result, Gallonia has the largest population of the Five Kingdoms, and supplies food beyond its borders. However, the frozen north remains largely unpopulated.

In addition to its powerful navy, Gallonia fields a land force largely consisting of footmen armed with spears and halberds. Their land force is considered poorly equipped and ill trained compared with its neighbours.

Kingdom of Senuthesia

Blazon: quarterly sable and or, a horse salient gules

Senuthesia historically was confined to the harsh deserts of the southwest, but now controls almost the entire southern half of Alveron after the Senuthesian King was granted the title of King of Denathak. Senuthesia is famed most for its horses, who are considered faster and sturdier than others in Alveron. Geographically, the most hospitable regions of Senuthesia are located in the southeast, southwest and northeast, with deserts, steppe and mountains separating them. As a result, Senuthesian dukes have greater autonomy from the King, confident that should the King attempt to impose authority, the geography of the Kingdom itself can protect them from attackers.

Senuthesia is famed for its wines, olive oil and textiles, which it exports throughout the Five Kingdoms. Senuthesian merchants are famed throughout Alveron for their wealth and influence. Senuthesians like to think they worship all the White Light gods equally, but Fo commands just a little more worship here than the rest.

Senuthesia relies on experienced light cavalry for its military forces, able to quickly cross the open region that dominates the centre of the kingdom to respond to threats that could come from any side.

Kingdom of Norothi

Blazon: per chevron gules and sable, an arming sword argent, a bordure sable

The Kingdom of Norothi lays in the Northeast of the mainland. While a region of land in the centre of Norothi is relatively fertile, much of the rest is either too cold or too barren for farming. Norothi has always had a small population. Despite this, the Norothi Knights are the most powerful military force in Alveron, armed with greatswords and sporting full plate armour.

Domestically, Norothi is noted for its production of beer and spirits. Additionally, Norothi blacksmithing is more advanced than its neighbours. Norothi arms and armour are considered the best in all of Alveron, and can be found in the prized possession of nobles, commanders and even more successful mercenaries beyond Norothi. Norothians worship Magranon almost to the point of complete exclusion of the other Gods, a trait that fermented the split that lead to the Petty Kingdom of Ilarra.

Kingdom of Denethak

Conquered 12 years ago, Denethak is no more, occupied by Senuthesia. Even before the destruction wrought during the civil war and it’s aftermath, Denethak was a harsh and hostile land. The western edge of Denethak, along one of Alveron’s great rivers, has been largely incorporated into Senuthesian rule, but the people of the wide central and eastern regions remain deeply distrustful of their new overlords.

Denethak only yields one product of interest to the rest of the Five Kingdoms. Ore, mined largely from the western and eastern mountains. The White Light barely shines in Denethak, with the majority of the population being sceptical of the benevolence of the gods. This leads to frequent accusations of Black Light worship, but for the most part Denethak subjects are simply disinterested in the Gods.

When Denethak fielded an army, it was noted for its archers, supplied with wood from the Marshes that dominate the south of Denethak.

Petty Kingdom of Illara

In ages past, a religious schism occurred within Norothi. This lead to the founding of the Petty Kingdom of Ilarra, primarily situated on the large island to the east of Norothi. The smallest of the Five Kingdoms, as of 12 years ago Illara now finds itself fully under the control of its Norothi rivals.

The Illaran Knights were similar to the Norothi Knights, but favoured a more aggressive fighting style focused on armour-breaking Mauls and Axes. The Illaran Knights are now formally disbanded as an institution, but many of the former Knights await any opportunity to make Illara independent again. Unlike the rather sea-fearing Norothi, the Illarans are capable sailors, although still lag behind the Gallonians in this field.


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The settings and lack of certain mods are not right for me, but dang that is a nice map! :D Would be awesome if you release it to the masses one day. Happy adventuring on your new server!

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Nice map, however...


Starting characteristics are so low you won't get many people to play, especially at 1x1. There's already a number of well established servers that already do that and unless you boost characteristics it's not going to work IMO. Not enough aggressive mobs to make coin for a deed or get a pelt. In fact not enough mobs period.  What is with people and all of the bloody useless fruit trees?  Did I say there were not enough creatures?


Anyway, I'm probably wrong. Not had me coffee yet. ;)


Edit: My hubby was going to play here until he realized dirt goes into his pocket instead of on the ground. For him that is a game breaker. It defies logic he said.


Luck to you.

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I am up for the challenge and giving it a try \o/


Luckily, there is a wildcat lair close to spawn and I lucked out on a pelt pretty early. Looks like bounties are pretty low so coin harder to get, so probably I will be starting out with a "deedless" settlement ... just like in my starter WO days.  I prefer not too many wild creatures starting out anyway, as I am not really the fighter type,  so a wildcat lair near spawn is perfect.



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4 hours ago, Darkness1990 said:

what an awesome map! please tell us how it was made or where you got it from?


I based the plan for a map off an old minecraft map I made a few years back. I adjusted the plan to compensate for the requirements of Wurm maps, such as needing water at all 4 edges and not being able to place water above sea level. I then hand-painted the heightmap and tile type map. In particular, 10 different types of forest were created by combining mask layers with random noise. I imported those files using Map Generator 2.9 and generated clay, tar, peat and the cave layer there to finish it up. Lastly, we took the generated map and put it through a bit of code we wrote with the WurmAPI to correct a bug in the Map Generator where rock tiles can retain dirt depth.

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Just a note -- Buddha (head developer of Wurm Everything) has acknowledged that it is a bug that some map maker utilities only assign 50 units to sandstone veins:




I can confirm the Averlon map has this bug, there are various fixes discussed in that thread that you might actually understand better than me. Some server owners adjust using an automated script, or a mod, or even by having a GM manually "fix" every sandstone vein on a case by case basis. The main point is this is NOT the way devs have intended it to be. 





PS:   I am really enjoying this server so far. It certainly does take some getting used to for those of us who have played on a large variety of other WU servers, each with its own philosophy and collection of "quality of life" mods. This server runs almost no so-called "QOL" mods (except to Meditation skill)  and at first this is rather disconcerting to those of us who got very used to at least some of them. 


There are also a LOT of QOL mods that, in my mind, actually  *reduce* a certain amount of quality of gameplay, and almost impossible to find a server that actually has "an ideal mix" unless you make and run that server yourself -- which automatically means it is non-ideal for most other  players, but they are willing to search around for the best compromise to their own playstyle.    A lot of traditional Wurm gameplay also gets disrupted by these mods, because if everyone-can-do-everything *too easily*, there is almost no reason for, say, an economy to even exist, and the server becomes primarily a loose  community that occasionally gathers for social events.  Not a bad thing, and what most us really like about Wurm IS the fact that we can be self sustaining and "play how we like", so it is a delicate balance, and in WU each of us ends up making our own choices anytime we log into a new server.  It involves a lot more than just whether you want a fast and  "non-grindy" , or one that is closer to the traditional Wurm Online mechanics. But it also involves a whole lot else.



This is the closest I have ever felt to "classic Wurm", even compared to other good 1x/1x roleplay servers. It may turn out later than I miss certain "compromises" that most other servers make in so-called quality of life. I suspect my crops are going to rot if I don't log in to tend them, and it has been so long since I dealt with that issue, I am not sure yet if I can live with that. On the other hand, the #1 feeling that kept me logging into Wurm, every single day, for years and years, was the feeling that my little homestead actually NEEDED me. If you have ever wanted a  "classic"  server that reminds you of your earliest days in Wurm, this might be it. And in addition, with the best frigging server map most of us have ever seen ^_^ (look at it yourself)  Once I get all settled in, I am very excited to go explore this world very thoroughly!



This is what I really love most about WU, every server out there is a unique blend and a unique experience and personality :D  Gotta try them all!!!!




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3 hours ago, Brash_Endeavors said:

I can confirm the Averlon map has this bug, there are various fixes discussed in that thread that you might actually understand better than me. Some server owners adjust using an automated script, or a mod, or even by having a GM manually "fix" every sandstone vein on a case by case basis. The main point is this is NOT the way devs have intended it to be. 


We'll investigate this and deploy an appropriate solution to it. We will likely code something with WurmAPI that targets specifically sandstone tiles so that it won't restore other ore types if they're nearly depleted. Until then, unless you're fine with quickly exhausting any sandstone you find, avoid mining it out.

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Honestly, the map is one of the best i've seen and played on, but 1x 1x is just too low for me and for many people included.

If you are willing to change the skills to 2 or 3x, including timers, i would definietly play here more and i have other people who might be willing to join me. We would also be willing to do free advertisements and recruitment.

Perhaps a dynamic skillgain system like the one on Revenant might work as well, but tweaked a bit so it's quicker at first and gets to 1x at high levels (60/70+ or so, as i think it only gets to around 1x at 90 on Revenant)

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Replicating a similar gameplay experience to that of WO was our intent from the start. There are a large number of other servers offering a wide variety of gameplay possibilities that have faster skillgain. Replicating a vanilla-like experience was our intent from day one. Not every server can cater for every player because different options are mutually exclusive, and that's OK.  However, if you are specifically here for the map I don't know what to suggest.

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