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Fusion-Powered Candles and Other Bugs with Lights on Surfaces: The Movie: The Game

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Bug 1: Lighting a light source, then placing it on an object, sometimes results in lighting that is significantly brighter than it should be.





A candle placed on an altar, and then lit.



That same candle lit, then placed on the altar.




A candle, approximately 5.5 QL, lit and then placed on a large magical chest.



This behavior seems inconsistent. I was able to reproduce it consistently with the two above surfaces, but not on some others, and logging in as a different character with the same graphical settings seemed to result in less severe lighting under the same conditions (although the in-game time of day was slightly different as well).


Bug 2: Items which change texture/model when snuffed do not do so when placed on top of another object. For example, a snuffed lantern on top of a table will still have the "glowing glass" texture, even though it no longer is lit and no longer emits light.



EDIT: Just to clarify, this is indeed on the Modern renderer.


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Bumping with related bug.


Logged on to see the above altar with a g-g-g-gh-GHOST FLAME underneath it.


Basically, a duplicated candle flame, which seemed to be emitting light, was under the altar, and stayed in the same place even if I moved the altar or snuffed the actual candle.

Screenshot under spoiler.





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