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Selling Gems and Moonmetals

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Selling the following:


- 422 Gems, over 10QL, total QL 11.757  (11.7k)   Price: 40 silvers  (smaller amounts possible)


- 198  under 10ql gems, total QL 783 Price:   15s  (smaller amounts possible)  SOLD!


- Around 20kg of HQ (upto 99ql) Adamantine Lumps  5s/kg  (smaller amounts possible)


- Around 20kg of HQ (upto 98ql) Glimmersteel Lumps  5s/kg  (smaller amounts possible)


For all items:  - Prices are fixed, if mailed; buyer pays mailcost, delivery on gems negotiable (might involve extra cost), Pickup from Jellyfish Outpost : 8/9G Xanadu



Drop a message here or contact me ingame: Macoofer

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