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Friya's Cinematics (client mod)

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This is a client mod that will help you create awesome looking videos in Wurm.


This is an Alpha release.


Real life dealt some bad cards this way and this code's been sitting on my harddisk 99% done for a few months now.


I have not halted development of this, merely paused it for a bit. That said, as you may or may not know, I tend to keep my code updated to the best of my ability -- so please post feedback (positive feedback is nice too). I cannot promise I will be able to reply quickly, but I will eventually.


All I really ask from you is please share your videos, tips, tricks (at least here) and encourage others to create awesome looking Wurm videos so we can get more people hooked on Wurm. :)


My intention at some point was to create a real cinematic story that would showcase a lot of the features, did not happen, sorry. I'll instead just give you a very, very simple example that sat on the disk. This took about a minute and five mouse clicks in-game to create...

(there may be more videos at but these were recorded to document progress rather than being a show case)




Brace yourself, I have written quite a bit of documentation to get you going.


More information and download:


Get started: (scroll down)


How to create scenes (etc): (scroll down)


How to install:

I'd write more here, alas, there's no time. Please browse the site above.



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Possible issues (some of the TODOs I wanted to fix before throwing this out there)

  • On some clients you will have a bit of jerkiness at some movement speeds (tweak and see what works for you)
  • When focusing on objects nearby you can get some rather fast camera moves if you traverse over the same point you are focusing on (avoid this by focusing in same direction but at a bit larger distance). If I recall correctly I tested some hacks here just before I paused development -- they may or may not be working
  • Following a moving object needs to be smarter (right now it's just a simple combination of two linear interpolations if I recall)
  • Before I paused development I had a TODO saying this: "Huh. It seems the renderer crashes after we've run a scene a dozen times or so... Is this reproducible?". This is unconfirmed.
  • Following objects underground will not work
  • Due to a limitation in Wurm, "moving/animating time" slowly will never look great with the shadows.
  • Never seen it mid-scene myself, but changing time on the client may be overridden by server at any point (you can probably use the timelock mod to prevent this)
  • Traversing too large distances will get you kicked off server -- should limit creator from sillinesses like this (but for now, I advice restraint)
  • Probably a lot of debug messages in log and the Cinematics tab
  • A conceptually large server component is not completed (not needed to run or use this)
  • Need player/creature name in object notes (my VM crashed, cannot check the Wurm source ... for now) (no idea what I meant with this one)
  • When you first enter the game, automatic activation of Cinematics tab does not visually indicate that it's currently the selected tab.
  • A few of the examples are incomplete and/or missing
  • - ...and a whole heap of features that are mostly extending on already implemented functionality


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Of all the things in the video, the woodland camo tent lol.  Too cool.   I'd like to see an ACU pattern for tents personally. 

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Hey Friya! 


I was showing some people this cinematic test I did for an upcoming Wurm Unlimited project. My "dolly" was a dirt ramp I'd constructed, then I rode a cow with autorun haha! 



So after seeing this, Retro immediately pointed out your project and gave me the link to this thread. I didn't know about your cinematics mod before, SO COOL! Just what I need! 


Seeing this thread, I honestly couldn't believe why there aren't more comments and discussion here! Crazy!


So as you can tell, I'm super excited about it at least and will definitely try it. I'm guessing that as long as I can figure out editing the waypoints and timings of the scripts, I don't need to understand the code other than that? Because I don't have ANY coding experience.


By the way, something you might want to address is an issue on the website. So the fancy fade you have going on in the code boxes acts a bit weird on my main monitor (which is a wacom cintiq drawing table 2560 x 1440 - if that's of any significance). So when I look on my normal side monitor 1920 x 1080, the fade behaves the way I'm assuming you want, so that it fades in the code quite quickly. However on the cintiq monitor the fade doesn't go away until you scroll the page up enough. I've made a video for you to demonstrate. The first half is on my normal monitor, then you see me start scrolling the page in the second half on my cintiq where you see the problem. 


Might be worth removing the fade completely since it's only purpose seems to be visual polish? In any case I hope the video helps figure out what the issue is! 



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