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The Riverwood trader has everything you need - Cloth Tailoring - Bowyery - Smithing - Bulk

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From any kind of Bows, to everything Cloth and Smithing has to offer!

We take requests from any kind of item related to both levels, in case some of them arent listed yet.



We also take improve services for the QL below

Up to 85ql for Cloth items (Updated 01/10)

Up to 70ql for Bowyery items (Updated 01/10)

Up to 70ql for Smithing items (Updated 01/10)




---~ RARE SECTION ~---

(All blank items)


rare Willow Longbow -> 60ql - 3s

rare Willow Shortbow -> 60ql - 3s

rare Fine Meditation Rug -> 80ql - 3s (2x in stock) 

rare Exquisite Meditation Rug -> 80ql - 8s (3x in stock) 

rare Horse shoe -> 60ql - 2s  (6x in stock)




---~ BOWYERY ~---

(all made with Willow)


Shortbow | Longbow | Bow -> 60ql - 5c

Shortbow | Longbow | Bow -> 70ql - 10c





Cloth armor

Complete set 50ql -> 30c | 4c each part

Complete set 60ql -> 40c | 5c each part

Complete set 70ql -> 50c | 6c each part

Complete set 80ql -> 60c | 9c each part

Complete set 85ql -> 80c | 15c each part





Creation quality -> 3c

50ql+  -> 6c



Meditation Rugs



50ql - 15c

60ql - 20c

70ql - 25c

80ql - 35c 

85ql - 45c




(of any kind)


30ql - 10c

50ql - 20c



Banner/Flag - 8c

Small colorful carpet - 8c

Colorful carpet - 10c

Large colorful carpet - 25c




---~ SMITHING ~---


Metal Tools


50ql - 20c

60ql - 25c

70ql - 30c



Horse Shoes

(Full set of 4x)


50ql - 20c

60ql - 25c

70ql - 30c




---~ BULK ~---

(Free delivery for coastal deeds)


Stone Bricks

1,5s per 1000 bricks - 6k in stock






We will keep this post with levels and prices updated and check at least twice a day.

Thanks for checking out :)



Feel free to comment any requests or PM any of us ingame:

(specially if you are in hurry)



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Hello! I am interested in one Normal and one Fine Meditation rug. Both 80q if possible please. Amantnovi in game. Thank you!


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