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Rare huge axe bundle

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This bundle includes one rare huge axe with high-level enchants, 11 random QL mend runes, and 2 coupons for free WS imps to 90.  The coupons can be used on any weapon item and ownership can be transferred.  The winner will receive the private codes for the coupons, which must be provided when redeemed. The mend runes are included to remove 20 damage at a time at a cost of 2 QL, and is recommended over repairing the axe which may drastically reduce QL.  The mend runes have a percentage success rate and, thereby, may fail.  To supplement this, 2 free WS imps to 90  are provided.  Finally, the winner may choose any non-moonmetal rune to be attached before delivery.


10s start

may consider buyout

no reserve









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