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Scarlet Cove 1x1x [events] [teams] [Discord]

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Scarlet Cove is a brand new 1x1x original map server. We are looking for players who are dedicated and enjoy the grind of the game. We will be hosting events. 

+1x skill 1x action
+20,000 mobs
+35% aggressive
+Free Deeding (Must have a deed to join a team) 
+Upkeep enabled
+Skills start at 1
+Body Control starts at 22
+Mind Logic starts at 21
+Priest Restrictions, unlimited prayers 20 minutes apart, no linking required
+Starter City-Scarlet Cove

Timepay - every 30 mins in game players receive 1 copper (only 1 char per steam ID)
More potables
JPWM_offspringNames (can use a tag to name horses)



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I've been playing on this server since the end of October. It is a lovely place - very active and friendly community and server events (weekly on Sundays at 2pm CST) are well-attended.

The server economy is also flourishing, with players trading with each other as well as using the marketplace in the main town.

Server mods are a good compromise of improving quality of life but not making the game broken.


All-in-all - I really enjoy this place and I thought I would stick a post up to encourage anyone looking for a 1x server to try it out :)

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