WTA Supreme Macedon Wagon

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Supreme Macedon Wagon

Only one like it in the world!


Starting bid: 50s

Increment: 1s




Snipe protection: 1 hour


Delivery anywhere outside of PvP.


[10:22:28] A fairly large wagon designed to be dragged by four animals. This is a supreme example of the item, with fine details and slick design. It is locked with a lock of very poor quality. It is made from oakenwood. It could be improved with a log. Ql: 66.29133, Dam: 0.0. The name of the owner, Saintdouglas, has been etched in the stern.

[10:22:28] A single zinc rune of Magranon has been attached to it, so it will increase size (5%) and increase vehicle speed (5%)




Good Luck! 





Edited by Saintdoug
added delivery note and examine text, updated timer

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Oh boy that's one nice wagon. What's the wood type? Looks like oak but not sure...

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