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Wurm server lag(issue discovered)

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discovered issue with my wurm server lag experience.

*RESOLUTION* issue that resolved my lag issue was check marking the "use normal mapping" setting in adv settings.


I played with default wurm client settings.


was playing wurm just fine, then after wurm started getting more players logged in, I experienced the issues.


issues experienced:

lag, spikes of server responses to my client

used wireshark that showed my client having to send the same packets multiple times to the server because the server didn't respond to certain packets in a timely manner, resulting in possible DoS type activity to the wurm online server


troubleshooting results:

logged in 50-60 times with most logins being left alone for 1-10 minutes to wait for server response with a 75-90% fail response from the server. other 10-25% still resulted in failed response from server after initial successful login and movability. 

messed with multiple client settings, only setting that seemed to make a huge difference in success resulting in 100% no issues, was the "use normal mapping" setting.


I have not used wireshark with the changed setting, but don't see a point in it since it's resolved now.  I doubt the resending of packets would occur though, but I guess it may be worth checking out to verify.






so I'm in the U.S., so I already know there's going to be lag.  but the lag is completely server sided, and by server sided, I mean the server itself is having issues responding to clients by updating their client with up to date information except when it first logs in.


I've experienced over the past 10 hours of gameplay, that the server doesn't update very often, and then when it does, the following horses finally catch up, then pause again. like it's not handling multiple client push updates but only a few make it through to the actual players client.


but I know for a fact that the server is receiving updates from me, and then also the pcap data while running wireshark is showing multiple resend of packets because the server is not ack'ing of the previous packet.




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1 hour ago, Wargasm said:

Welcome to Xanadu.


actually that is chaos and deliverance.





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Sounds like network lag, not server sided lag. 


It may be your routing connection to the host being weird, we've been experiencing a spike in that, you can check by opening your command prompt and typing in:



And seeing if it successfully connects to the host. 

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