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I find people are bad about checking notice boards especially new players who don't know to do so yet.


Can I ask for a bot that gives tours and acts as a general village herald?  I setup my village to be as publicly usable as possible with some restricted spaces.


1. The bot would initially just hang out in a bounded area.


2. When a person who hasn't been seen in an area for a certain time out appears in a certain radius or enters the bounded space, it would say hello with a custom message.  That intro message might be something like

"Ah welcome to Dark Wood Keep!  Master Eorwald allows me to stay in the village to help show new people around.  Unfortunately, my hearing isn't what it used to be but if you'd like to see any of the following, I can show you the way!"

"The Main Hall has Food on a Juleboard."

"The Dwarf Ward has new player housing."

"Viny's Horse and Tack has Vehicles, Horses, and Tack." 

and so on with additional places.


3. If anyone says Key words like "Tack" or "Workshop" or "Housing", those would be mapped in a config file to a pre determined path, a sequence of tile coordinates and walk that path, to show the player to the location, It would then say a short phrase to give a next instruction, "This is a public workshop.  Don't break anything and Eorwald will patch up wear and tear each Saturday." or "This is the Public Housing.  If you'd like a space just inscribe a papyrus from the Gear Vendor Gleason and mail it to Eorwald from a spirit castle. Until you reach him, there's free space in the Barracks."


4. It would then hobbles back to the initial hang out area, unless someone's said another keyword.


It would have no self defense except to maybe target the attacking mob and yell Guards!


The server I play on bans bots because they'd be unbalance harvesting, grinding, and crafting and such, but if all it does is PURELY this type of informational new player helpful stuff, I might get an exception.  I'd just leave it on during hours I'm not actually playing.


Bonus points, if we could give it a CUSTOM list of random things to say AND a timeout between comments so it's just not babbling, we could use it as a general announcement board like "Hey, I heard Eorwald needs someone to build a new stable.  Just inscribe him a letter with a writing kit and ask him about the details."  That'd be great.

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Eorwald if you did this we would give you a pass only for characters with no skill gains, if all their skills remained at starter level I see no problem with it, if it can or in the future does this. However note we do know how to catch this and the other bot mods, its actually kinda funny to do and pretty easy, so don't abuse it ?

Unlike ESP this mod and the other bot mods are super easy to catch, they are a bit derpy when a gm does certain things...

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Mortar.  It's NICE, but not go-eat-dinner nice.


Some way to pull more resource when the combined weight drops below a certain point?  Added to bulkitemget?


Perhaps copy/paste of the result, to big2, which is the exact same thing, but can be used to pull a second item?  Kind of a kludge, but I can't really think of many things that require 2 different bulk resources that need automation.



Also, the improverbot is glorious- doesn't look like it would take much to point it at archaeology fragments as well?  That would be nice too.

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