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Newspring starter deed voting!

vote for your favourite newspring start deed design!   

94 members have voted

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  1. 1. vote for your favourite newspring start deed design!

    • Beardymans redesign
    • Renates redesign
    • Keep it as is, Newspring belongs to the seals, only they may decide.

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I'm already feeling bad for saying what I said.. maybe it's the doggo picture.. .

May have come out as an attack, but was not intended as such, and I don't really think anyone paid you to compete ūüėŹ

Your design is not sub par. Make the same vote for Glasshollow and I will choose yours over Renate's. But for Newspring, I don't see it that way.


I guess what I am trying to say - having an anonymous public vote for a starter town, where 70% of players won't ever set their foot into, is kind of meh.


Disclaimer: I present my own and only my own opinions.

I'm also known to make bad judgements. I'm living next to a sheep herder (hi Gheen) and my only highway to outside world is through their caves, which in hot summer are comparable to drinking vinegar+milk coctails.

I try to shut up now.

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I wanted to elaborate from my earlier comment. I've been respectfully holding back my opinion on this for awhile. 


You know when I first started on Indy, and saw all the veteran player's deed's way back, I nearly quit the game then and there. Trust me I nearly did back then when all I saw was stone fences and buildings around every square inch, it was and still is very ulgy, with the removal of the off deed fenced enclosure rule, it got better somewhat. When I see these newer designs I can assure you that some players will find this an extreme turn off and get overwhelmed by it and just simply quit.


I ventured very far north, and pretty much swam my way there because everything was a tangled fence mess from my nooby PoV and had no bearings or map. I eventually made it after dying and dying and found the fabled forests I remember from watching a video about the game and my enjoyment of the game went up, I was immersed. There is a certain charm to the wilderness at least for me. It's important to have it in a game like this.


I just think these designs are incredibly too modern and unrealistic for this game. If i was just starting off again and saw every single "veteran-thing" it would be a huge turn off and I'd probably uninstall and find a better sandbox game. I'm absolutely certain I'm not alone on this feeling. The wilderness of a sandbox game is important. 


Some of my favorite starting villages are probably Green Dog on Deli or Hunter's Lodge on Chaos. What happened to the small and immersive starting zones?


While some of these designs are cool, I feel like there lacking the familiar touch a new player seeks when they enter this genre.


Thank you.


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For the winners design , would it look better if the 4 middle towers were timbre frame and the slate road maybe gravel to making it a little lighter in looks .

Just seems to much in you're face and out of contrast with the rest of it ..

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Big thanks for votes, trust and comments, also a salute to Bearded for the tight competition.

Newspring Alliance now happy and ready to start digging it up.

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