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Target's green health bar not showing red damage for old alert troll

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An Old Alert Troll aggroed near me so I moved a short distance, brought it within range of a guard tower and called the guards.


Guards and I were all attacking the troll but the old alert troll's (target window) health bar stayed green.  Mouse-over on the troll showed that it was bleeding and then dying, but the target window health bar did not reflect this.


I re-targeted the troll using the right click menu on the troll, but the target health bar was still green.


The target window showed a picture of the old alert troll, and the correct name 'Old Alert Troll'.


I looked around me to see if there were any more trolls or any other creatures, but there were none. This was on my deed, and there were no other mobs around.


I clicked on a guard and the guard's red damage was showing correctly in the Select Bar's heath bar.


After the old alert troll died, the target window stated 'No target' and the default wood texture.

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This is a problem that exists among all animals and even players. 
It can actually be quite an issue in PvP.

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