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Server Stats
Custom 4096x4096 tiles map
1x Skill gain, 1x Action timer
Characteristics skills: 19.5
All other skills: 1.0
Creatures: 80.000
Aggressive creatures: 70%
Deed cost and upkeep

Our goal is to run a server that is as close to vanilla Wurm as we possibly can, while also adding new and interesting content. If you want to experience Wurm the way it's made, undiluted but in a completely different world, this server might be for you. Azoth is effectively run by and for the players; important decisions are made by a council of players, elected by the citizens of each kingdom.

The server has three large areas (1200x1200 tiles, each larger than the size of a small server and each associated with a different kingdom) which are PvE and work exactly like any normal PvE server. To accomplish this we have added a few server modifications. The server itself is however PvP, and so going outside any of the safe PvE areas adds a bit of adventure. Players can create their own kingdoms outside of the PvE areas.

About the Map
We created a custom map generator application, which has made a map quite different from most other maps. It creates a climate model for distributing the biomes, so cold climate areas has biomes belonging to cold climates etc. Factors for the climate model includes latitude, altitude, inland or coastal, and more. This also means that forests have often mixed types of vegetation, but not always. The rock and dirt generation is also different, the landscape is much more varied, with jagged rocks, cliffs and ravines, but also flat plains. Mountains have pointed peaks with snow caps.

We've replaced the old Wurm Online kingdoms with new ones and with entirely new cultures; including traditions, architecture, politics and religion. Three of the kingdoms are in a peaceful alliance, and there is an ongoing war with a fourth kingdom. Players may join either of the kingdoms. Each of the kingdoms has a capital city, where players are welcome to live and work for as long as they like. The cities are safe and has room for plenty of citizens.









There are four custom deities, each with a custom set of priest spells and holy items. The old Wurm gods still exists, but few prays to them if any, and their priests no longer have any real powers or spells. The old gods are seen as monsters and superstition. This transition is very common in the ancient world, e.g. in Greece there was first the Titans, then came the Olympic gods. Because we have replaced the old gods with new, the complete religion and spell system has been replaced with a new model; the great altars are removed, and instead players need to complete difficult tasks for being approved into adept-ship, which is done by high priest NPCs. Priests no longer use statuettes but instead custom holy items.

We have installed custom merchant NPCs which handles both buying and selling of bulk wares, which is the foundation of the economy. Sold wares becomes part of a global market, where they can be bought back on a later date, the merchants adding a bit to the price as their profit. There are no bounties, but hunters can instead sell meat, furs and hides to the merchants. There is a way to earn coins for everyone!

Azoth is designed to be a role-play server, we wanted all aspects of the world to have a genuine basis for role-play, with history and cultures for character development. It is however only encouraged, and not enforced. There is a dedicated channel for role-playing (named "Roleplay"), and which should only be used for role-play dialogue. We've decided not to arrange any events - organized by GMs, but players who wish to organize events are welcome to do so and will have any support we can give.

We only have one mod, which is our custom all-in-one mod. It adds a lot of new features, some of which includes custom NPCs, Creatures, Items and much else. None of our modifications are there to make things easier, only for adding new and interesting content and functionality.

Welcome to Azoth!

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