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Oakmoor Market(Xan c13)

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Welcome to 




North Xanadu C13




Iron tools up to ql 82+

Wooden tools up to ql 80 made from oak, if no other wood type specified

Spatula ql 80

Clay Shaper ql 80

Pickaxe  ql 80.69 botd 42

Spindle ql 80Ffile ql 80.67

Stone chisel ql 80.7 botd 50

Range pole ql 73(birch)

Mallet ql 80

Saw ql 82.3

Hatchet ql 82.5 coc 42

Carving knife x4 ql 79.5 to 80.2

Grooming brush x3 ql 73.4 to 74.4

(will be updated for more precise)





Weapons up to ql 73

Huge axe ql 70.66

Two handed Sword ql 72

(will be update for more precise)

Horses, selfservice merchant


5speed horses, in future also hellhorses

All colors, details from Merina/Dellaca




Armors, Chain armors iron if no metal type mentioned


Chain coif ql 82.52

Chain coif 81.83


Chain gauntlet x4 ql 80+


Chain Jacket ql 79.98 web armor 64

Chain Jacket ql 82.8 aosp 41

Chain Jacket ql 81web armor 37


Chain sleeve ql 82.6

Chain sleeve ql 82.9

Chain sleeve ql 82.5

Chain sleeve ql 80.3


Chain pants ql 81.4

Chain pants ql 80.5

(will be updated for more precise)

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Added items

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Updated. Items can also sent or if you need someone tailored your needs, dont hesitate send message, ig to Gatling or here.

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