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Armour changes

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Some great work has been done on balancing armour on Chaos recently and it inspired me to think a bit more about armour.


Leaving aside moonmetals, steel is the clear choice for metal armour. I suggest small bonuses to bronze and brass, so that all three of these metals can become viable choices. Steel still has higher damage reduction, so players would need to choose between a tankier option, a more mobile option and a better glance rate.



  • Change movement bonus from 0% to 1%


  • Change glance bonus from 0% to 1%

Considering moonmetals, glimmersteel/seryll are the exactly the same and the best choices for moonmetal armour. I suggest creating a small difference between these two metals and also giving adamantine its own role to make that viable.



  • Change damage reduction from 5% to 6%


  • Change movement bonus from 10% to 8% and change damage reduction from 5% to 5.5%

Choice of colour of drake/scale is currently a cosmetic choice. I suggest giving small resistances to specific damage types for each colour. This would make the choice of colour a little more meaningful, without being too OP.


Black drake/scale

  • 2% resistance to infection damage

Blue drake/scale

  • 2% resistance to internal damage

Green drake/scale

  • 2% resistance to poison damage

Red drake/scale

  • 2% resistance to burn damage

White drake/scale

  • 2% resistance to frost damage

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