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Not sure if the powers that be would approve of such an activity, but considering the login art for our beloved Unlimited version has it's own pipe smoking adventurer, I started thinking about how pipe smoking could be implemented into the game just for continuity and giggles. Really, the concept is pretty straightforward and uses skills that are all already present and fleshed out. For example:


  • Fine Carpentry: Craft your own pipe. It can be a single generic tool that always looks the same or perhaps add a few different varieties, much like the different types of meditation rugs in game. You could even go as far as needing to craft one of a few different stems, tenons, bowls, etc, to make one of several different designs once the constituent parts are assembled.
  • Farming: Add Tobacco as a new farmable tile. I don't have any input on what difficulty it should have. And as you'll see later, it would be ideal for there to be a few different varieties, each with their own difficulties.
  • Natural Substances or maybe Gardening: If different types of tobaccos are introduced, such as Burleys/Virginias/English/etc, then this allows for the mixing of tobaccos to create different blends. Being able to make different blends by adding different strains of leaf in different proportions is crucial to the next part of the new system WHICH IS:
  • Affinities!: Allow the player, when smoking a particular blend out of their brand new 40ql fine tobacco pipe to receive an affinity for their efforts. Just like beverages, however there is no food or water bar to fill. Perhaps this is fine or perhaps a message should be displayed after consuming too much tobacco in one sitting to prevent the player from abusing the affinity system. For example "Your head swims and you've decided it's time to breathe some fresh air." or something similar to tell the player to cool it for a few minutes or an hour before puffing anymore.


As I said above, I am aware that pipe smoking to many is considered to be "adult" or even "taboo" and as such I don't know that it has a place in Wurm Online, despite it's historical accuracy and authenticity. That being said, the thought just came to me one day and as I explored the idea, it seemed to be very doable within the game's preexisting mechanics and it sounded like a fun idea, so I thought I'd flesh the idea out some on the suggestions page.


If for any reason this thread doesn't belong here or is breaking any rules including TOS, please let me know and it can be removed swiftly. Thanks, fellow Wurmians o/

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I don't know about the rules or TOs about this, and it sounds like a stretch anyway, but overall,

sure, why not. Gives some more uses to NatSub (It's where I'd like to see mixing of tobacco more tbh)


I'm not sure how mixing tobacco will project into affinities though, if we arbitrarily portion it there'd probably have to be a new system how affinities are determined, or at least a good way to go from mixture to "affinity score" like in the current cooking system has to be figured out.

I have no idea about tobacco from real life, much less pipe smoking, but maybe herbs (from planters, that'd involve some gardening into the formula again.) could be used as additive for flavor and give more variety in ingredients to cover affinities normally: the mixture just determines some rough "baseline" for the score, but that alone wouldn't be able to cover all skill affinities, sofrom there you add spices for "finetuning".


Sounds like a fun little thing though, +1

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+1, but only if smoking tobacco will result in set of negative effects like: 

  • Stamina usage&regeneration debuff
  • Disease weakness
  • Addiction (something similar to alcoholism)  

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On 8/12/2018 at 9:00 AM, BDCKoolaid said:

despite it's historical accuracy and authenticity


Tobacco is not native to Europe.



Following the arrival of the Europeans to the Americas, tobacco became increasingly popular as a trade item. Hernández de Boncalo, Spanish chronicler of the Indies, was the first European to bring tobacco seeds to the Old World in 1559 following orders of King Philip II of Spain



Of course, neither are some other things we have, like tomatoes and potatoes, but historical accuracy isn't quite on your side here.

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