Factional Fight - Video now available

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Thanks for everyone who joined us last night. After some fumbling around the twitch interface, we figured out how to let you guys watch the stream. Currently it is only on our twitch channel, but we are working on getting it up on our YouTube channel as well. 



Original Message:

Faeran and I will be kicking off a new season of Factional Fight Plays Wurm Online! We have decided to go back to a streaming format and will be starting off with a test run of sorts. Tonight we will be doing a trial run of our twitch stream to make sure everything is working properly and will probably just keep it rolling for a while as we play some Wurm. Not sure of the exact time that we will start but my guess is around 7:00pm EST (no promises on the exact time though). If you would like to get a notification when we start, subscribe to our twitch channel:


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Got the VoD up and running

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Some great streams for Wurm (both formats) at the moment from Malena, Valiance on Mystic Highlands and now from Fabulous Factional Fight :)


Thanks to all who put the effort in and loads of luck for your own stream. I look forward to popping in from time to time.

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Hi McGarnicle,


Me and Kaylie are so sorry we missed your stream, I gave up and went to bed at 12.10am, Kaylie is more hardcore than me and stayed up until 12.40am, but then she too came to bed. Looks like your stream went live at around 12.57am for us.


I hope it went well and maybe you have a video of it we can catch.


All the best.


Valiance and Kaylie.


P.S Thanks for posting our stream here :)

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Welcome back 😀


Thanks for making the recording available I enjoyed the discussions about UI and the user experience.

Wurm has little inconsistencies or illogical ways of working that we long time players like to call wogical but they add to the barrier stopping new people from playing. As you mentioned the inability to rebind the "action" and "look around" mouse buttons. The way that digging acts where you're standing instead of where you point the mouse. Cutting trees down you do the action on the tile but chopping them up is on the tree. Hopefully the new UI will solve these problems and make the interface more modern.


Looking forward to the big event next weekend !

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