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Citadel: Forged With Fire (wizards style survival crafting, PVE+PVP)

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I am never looking to REPLACE Wurm -- can't be done! -- but sometimes it's nice to take a short timeout in other games.


I had not heard of the game before, but they just recently came out with a huge update, titled "Reignited!" and I saw a youtube lets play on it, it looked interesting and even better it is currently $9.99  60% off through Aug 17  so I thought I would give it a try.  I am a few hours in; between playing, watching videos, and following LetsPlays and Steam reviews, I would call it  "a fun but not perfect game"  and at 60% off, well worth the money for someone who would like to get at least 100+ hours**  out of mucking about in a building-crafting-survival game, but based on magic & "yer a wizard!" (**your playtime mileage may differ if you tend to race through content as fast as you can - I tend to plunk and meander around a lot. The world map is not huge-huge-huge but still fun to explore around in) 



hqdefault.jpg 0.jpg


Some describe it as a "Rust meets Skyrim meets Harry Potter" (wizards can fly on brooms to shoot stuff down with fireballs, and play a game similar to Quidditch, plus you can tame magical creatures,I think maybe even dragons, I am not that far in and I have a tendency to like to reroll and retry different characters a lot.


It's made in Unity, I have heard various people describe it as anything from "gorgeous" to "dated". I thought it looked very nice. Some say it resembles Oblivion in looks which to me is not an altogether bad thing if you are talking landscapes and creatures. It's not as DEEP as Oblivion, and character creation is semi-decent but not astonishing. There are multiplayer servers with both PvE & PvP, but you can also make up  EASILY    (that's a note to Wurm devs ;P)  a custom local hosted server that is either  singleplayer or 'password protected friends and family' type server and set your own ruleset for how fast you progress etc. Many of the custom options and some of the UI etc reminded me of ARK, however this is a small team so don't expect Ark's depth and polish. Some complaints about performance issues in busier multiplayer servers, I had no issues with singleplayer.  


I think it would be a splendid little game for 1-5 people, I can't speak to larger populations or PvP options as those don't really interest me. Some people complained about performance and/or "dead" public servers prior to this new update, so maybe research what others are saying about those if they would be a gamebreaker for you.



 But if you can easily afford $9.99 on a temporary distraction from Wurm, and are mostly interested in a game a couple friends can play together, or if you prefer singleplayer exploration games, I would recommend it. 











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