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Outcasts, a place for casual to hardcore players. Create a community or become a feared outlaw. The choice is yours.


Game Mode
  • Skillgain / Timer = 1x / 1x
  • PvP = ON 
  • Priest Restrictions = ON 
  • Epic Settings / Creatures = OFF
  • Traders = OFF
  • Personal Merchant Contracts = ON
  • Founding Deed Costs = ON
  • Deed Monthly Upkeep Costs = ON
Custom Map & Nature
  • Map Size = 2048x2048 tiles [8km x 8km] 
  • Max Creatures = 20,000
  • Aggressive Creatures = 30%
  • Crop Cycle = 12h per growth tick [60h cycles]
  • Breeding Modifier = 1
  • Birth Cycle = 5 - 11 real-life days
Mod List
  • Starter Gear 
    • Players spawn with a compass, fire-starter, and 1ql tools
  • Harvest Helper
    • Announces the season's harvest in the event window
  • Libila Fix
    • Allows HOTS players to follow the WL gods
  • Discord Relay Chat
    • Allows communication with ingame players via discord and tracks player count
This is a PvP WU server with a starting PvE island. 
  • Every player is HOTS Kingdom 
  • Spawn is on the PvE Island
  • Deed vs Deed alliances & warfare everywhere else

    For more information: Steam Group & Discord Chat

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