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Animal Handling Revisited..... Again!

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I understand that this topic has been brought up numerous times, and I hate to bring it up yet again, but Awen and I have worked out something we feel might help this system. As long-time players, Awen and I have seen how the breeding system works, and the many suggestions on how to “fix” it. We understand that not everyone will like this proposal, but we would appreciate some honest feedback on our idea. We do not know the feasibility of incorporating such a plan, but we are more than willing to assist in fleshing this concept out and make it more game friendly. Here is what we came up with:


Animal Husbandry Reworked




0 – 10

None (Breeding spawn style animals only)

10 – 20

Breed 1 random trait

20 – 30

5% chance increase for a better trait

30 – 40

Breed 2 random traits

40 – 50

5% chance increase for a better trait

50 – 60

Breed 3 random traits

60 – 70

5% chance increase for a better trait

70 – 80

Breed 4 random traits

80 – 90

5% chance increase for a better trait

90 - 100

Selective Breeding


New Trait list




New abilities

Trait Possibilities


Strong and Healthy, Carry More, Strong Body, Certain Spark

Gives boosts to speed length, overall health, and disease resistance

Outpace fast mobs, produces goods longer (milk, wool)


Lightning Movement, Fleeter Movement, strong Legs

Gives boosts to the minimum and maximum speeds in all terrains

Running late? Use these to move faster.


Fight Fiercely, Keen Senses, Tough Bugger

Gives boosts to all combat-related skills

Anyone want a combat pig?



Easier to tame, higher loyalty level when tame, spend less time as hostile

Make the hell horses easier to use.


Strong Willed, Overly Aggressive, Unmotivated

Harder to tame, lower loyalty level, more prone to aggression for longer time

Make your gator moat meaner and more aggressive


Malformed Hind Legs, Legs of Different Length

Animal has physical deformity making it unrideable



Illness, Feeble and Unhealthy

Overall reduction in speed, Health, lifespan

More Meat!


This is how we envision this modified system working:

At first, one can only breed un-traited animals. Reaching level 10, a toon gains the ability to breed one trait at random with a 50% chance of any one of the above positive traits being applied. This chance is modified as follows:



Base Chance

Total Chance




Female with the desired trait



Male with the desired trait



2nd Generation animal



3rd Generation animal



Skill Level 20



Skill Level 40



Skill Level 60



Skill Level 80



So, for example, a character with 40 skill can breed an animal with one of the above traits with an 85% chance for the trait they want if they have 3rd generation male and female both with the trait desired. If however, the same character is breeding spawn horses, that chance drops to 60% (50% base + 10% for skill level). A character at 85 skill has a 95% chance of breeding all 4 “positive” traits. At 90 and above skill, the character must have both parents with the desired traits to be able to select which traits they want to breed, but still at a max of 95% chance of success.

We feel this concept is pretty well balanced since a person with low skill still has a chance to get a decent animal, but the higher skilled players can have more custom options.

How effective will the above traits be? Part of that will be up to the developers, but we have a way to make them even more effective:


New Skill – Animal Training

This has also been rehashed before, but this concept will be beneficial to the modified version of Animal Husbandry.

The way this skill will work is once an animal has a trait, the character can attempt to train that animal to use the trait more effectively. The character chooses to lead the animal with a rope (or with a training whip – new item). They then right click on the animal to get a menu option for which trait to train (animal must have the trait to train it, of course). The animal will get a training skill, which will be modified by the frequency of training and the skill level of the trainer.  The animal’s train skill will reflect a percentage boost to relevant abilities tied to that trait.

For example, A character training an animal for greater endurance can make the animal maintain their top speed even longer than an untrained endurance animal. A trainer for Bravery can make the animal’s combat rating, attack, and defense skills higher than normal (combat pig!).

Obviously, the specific mechanics behind this skill and its abilities will be up to the developers, but you get the idea.


I hope you all understand where Awen and I were going with these ideas. Please be gentle with your comments.

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I can appreciate that there are ways to simplify breeding, but I also see added complexities.  I definitely do not want a new skill where I have to spend time "training" my horse to run faster.



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While i get where you're going I don't like the consolidation of traits and I don't like how you've actually completely removed a few of the traits I enjoy working with/breeding with in your proposal.


Animal training well I feel like that's already kinda a thing. Specially with the combat training of the horses already if they have fight fiercely.

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tentative +1 if you can include traits for increased yields or quality of animal products (meat/milk/wool/eggs).  I don't need fast or tough pigs - I want big fat ones with tender cuts!

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