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Hunt [pet command]

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I suggest a pet command "Hunt" available upon right clicking another creature within pet command range.


Hunt will:


1. Make pet target the creature.


2. Make pet follow the creature, like leading, but without a fixed follow distance.


Follow functionality would be similar to 'go here' pet command, except the position of the creature would be updated while the creature moves, but once the creature escapes local (or a different range, depending on the pet type. wolfs should be able to hunt creatures farther than crocodiles), it loses the creature scent/stops hunting.


This would make pets useful in pve, and pvp. Wolfs are typically useless in pvp as pets, since they cannot tank or do substantial damage. This would make creatures like wolfs and dogs and wild cats useful for tracking down enemies that are trying to escape, but at the risk of losing the pet if you don't follow it (leaves command range).


Some suggested ranges for hunting, include:


Sharks 5x local range

Mountain lion 4x local range

Wolf 4x local range

Deer 3x local range

Dog 2x local range

Trolls 1.5x local range

Wild cat 2x local range

Scorpions 1x local range

Crocodiles 1x local range

Spiders 1x local range

Horses 1x local range

Unicorns 1x local range

Hell horses 1x local range


Imagine being able to unlead your pet dog and send it after an enemy spy alt on a PvP server.


Imagine sending a barded, fully geared Hell Horse or Unicorn after a spy alt, or escaping infantry player, to keep them from getting away while you catch up.


This would provide a fun fix for:


1. spy alts being abused (local scanning or teleport blocking)

2. players stealthing too quickly when trying to escape combat

3. pets could also block teleporting while hunting a player


Other neat commands, such as "Roam" or "Retrieve" could be further useful, where


"Roam" commands the pet to begin scanning an area (80x80, for example, depending on pet type) for enemies by roaming around constantly, and only attacking an enemy if it comes within a certain distance of a stealthed enemy (like half it's normal aggro range, or if walking adjacent to the stealthed player's tile). Roaming animals could also attack unstealthed enemies (other pets, enemy guards, aggressive creatures) at regular aggro range, while scanning an area.


"Retrieve" commands the pet to Hunt a creature down and retrieve its corpse if the creature dies. To use simple terminology, let's say you right click a creature. You command your wolf to hunt the creature. If the creature dies, the pet will "take" the corpse (or a random nearby corpse?) and return it to your new position.


I thought this would add some cool new possibilities to the game and provide a possible fix for some of the most aggravating PvP problems. Being hunted by a pet would not be overpowered, since dogs (or other good hunters) can be killed very quickly with archery or melee by an equipped player. The player could then try to restealth before they get caught/located. Also, only certain pets can swim, and some move faster than others. So there would be several strengths and weaknesses for each pet type to add more richness and variety to the feature.

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I like the idea here, more pet related things makes the whole system more worth it imo.

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+1 seems hard to actually implement though


couple of suggestions to this...

I would suggest an untamed/branded/cared for creature should always be under your command so that no one else can attack it unless on a pvp server.

"cared for" being the limiting factor so that players don't have a whole heap load of creatures on the server holding the creature count back

or a different branding for hunting pets to limit the amount a player can have

Maybe this brand only shows up in creation after you've hit 50 or 70 taming?

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Overhaul the pet system so you could actually track their skills and limit that down to a few maybe that way they are more meaningful, maybe in the future implement more abilities they could earn/learn possibly? Limit creatures you can tame to a point based system that stops you from having so many tamed mobs based on their level or value and allow taming more mobs if they are lesser value say a wolf is 10 so you could have a pack of wolves, or a wolf and a bear which are two different values and cap it based on skill so say for pvp i want a troll and maybe be able to throw gear on it. Could also make it different than just meat and have them more available instead of domination maybe be able to offer gear to the troll as a loyalty method maybe.

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