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Rares/Supremes: sailboat, tools, chain

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I'm looking to sell some rares.


Sailboat maple 61.9ql

Carving knife 91ql

Hammer 77ql woa83 coc84

Needle 72ql

Needle 71ql coc43

Needle 81ql woa83 coc83

Pickaxe 76ql woa95 coc102

Sickle 91ql

Small anvil 73ql woa72 coc67

Lantern 71ql

Iron lamp 50ql white 224/224/224

Iron lamp 51ql white 224/224/224

Fruit press oak 63ql

Carving knife 91ql

Butchering knife 80ql coc90

Rake 70.8ql

Hatchet 89ql woa66 coc71

Sickle 35ql

Trowel 74ql

File 72ql

Saw 73ql woa67

Statuette of Fo gold 39.7ql

Forge 59ql

Leather jacket 67.9ql aosp22

Lantern 77ql

Spatula oak 50ql

Clay shaper birch 82ql



Chain set:





Chain gauntlet bronze 59.9ql

Short bow maple n91 coc95


Offers by PM please.



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Will take rare leather jacket 1,5 s ?

if ok please cod to Gregor


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Offers by PM please. Does anyone want to give a PC on the remaining items? Send by PM please. I've been out of the game quite a while so I'm not sure about prices.

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