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Ok, want to sell stuff:

Green Drake Set 80s without cap,


Rare Longsword 92 Nimble, 96 Life Tranfser, 97 Circle of Cunning, 88 Mind Stealer  - 10 Silver Sold


Source liquid/crystals 1s/kg (Pending sale for last 15.25kg of it)



Rare Carving Knife 91.54ql 90Botd 5.5s



And a Rare Large Cart Dyed Orange 9.5s



[15:25:12] A fairly large two wheel cart designed to be dragged by an animal. This is a very rare and interesting version of the item. Wood  colors: r=226, g=110, b=14. It is locked with a lock of very good quality. It has a benevolent aura. It is made from oakenwood. It could be improved with a log. Ql: 80.44521, Dam: 0.0. The name of the owner, Cenotaph, has been etched in the stern.

[15:26:07] A single zinc rune of Magranon has been attached to it, so it will increase size (5%) and increase vehicle speed (5%) Better view of what it looks like

Various imbue pots


80c each fletching, leatherworking, weapon smith, stonecutting, tailoring (lw, sc, tailoring sold)

1.4s each for the woodcutting ones.

Reply or Pm :)

Edited by Cenotaph

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What is price for all source and crystals?

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Sorry Gladiator, it is all sold for now :(

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