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Call of Cthulhu [New Server] [25x Skill] [Modded]

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This is a brand new Wurm Unlimited server. High skill, timers and movement speeds should greatly increase your ability to get to the end-game and take on the dragons and more!


Website is

live map at


Here are some of the key features that help us stand out among the other servers out there:


-25x Skill Multiplier - easy skill gains to get to the highest levels and build the best things or fight the biggest monsters.


-10x Timer Multiplier - most actions are super fast.

-Custom 2k map - Small to Large Islands with multiple waterways for boat travel. Map is not too large so travel should be easy!

*In-Game Map (default key: M) works and is for our map!

-Significantly faster walking/riding speeds - walking is 2x faster than standard and using a land or sea vehicle is a LOT faster than normal.


-Greatly Increased Carrying Capacities - Carry 20 loads of dirt without slowing down! (probably!)


-NO STARTER TOWN. The high skill and timer rates should be plenty to get you started in the wilderness. We have a portal town that you spawn in, you can walk out to find a place to live, or use one of the portals to teleport to the edge of the map in one of the cardinal directions. Find your spot while it's wild! Resources should be just enough out there.


-Starter Tools. You start with 50QL starter tools, a rope, a handful of nails and your typical leather armor/sword/shield. Everything else is up to you.


-NOT NEWBIE FRIENDLY - end game items and monsters will spawn, so it can be very dangerous out there. Bring some friends for protection!

-Free Deed Creation. Deeds do have upkeep though. We have a single trader at the portal town with cash on hand and bounty for mob killing to make money.


-Skills start at 10, except Fighting Skill, which is 20. No need for that practice dummy.


-Characteristics start at 21, so boats and wagons can be commanded from the start!


-50,000 creatures with 50% hostile. This will increase as there are more deeds and players going.


-MODS. Here's a list of some of the public mods we use:

:Bag of Holding 



Extra Features:

Online live map  currently working at

Dedicated host - my own equipment. No need to pay a host to make this server work.

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Call of Cthulhu server has been updated to 1.7.0 official patch.


Please reply or send me a msg if anything is broken or missing. Thanks!

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