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Happy Father's Day

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I don't know if other countires celebrate this or anything similar (forgive my Murican-self) but I wanted to take the time to wish everyone a Happy Father's Day.


I think we, in America at least, take the day for granted.   We see it as a time to kick-back and drink beer, although we try to do that every holiday, am I right?  Let's not forget, we are the shapers of our children's future.  We set the example for their attitudes, their hobbies, their likes and dislikes, and their view of what a family is.  We are their role models.  Just as Mom's do everyday, we have the responsibility to do everything we can for our children to ensure they grow up on the right path to being a good and kind human being.


So absolutely, kick-back and enjoy the day with your family, you've earned it.  But also, think back on this last year and work harder to do better.   You'll see the reward in years to come as your kids grow up and make you proud.


Happy Father's Day Wurmians!

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Well said...The same goes for Holland. We spend Father's Day with our family too..

A bit late but still Happy Father's Day!

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